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draft someone for something

to select someone for something or to do something. We drafted a bunch of the boys for moving tables. The committee drafted some of the members for kitchen work.
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draft someone into something

1. . Lit. to conscript someone into the armed services. The draft board drafted Scott into the army. Todd was drafted into the army.
2. Fig. to convince someone to participate in something. She drafted some of the boys into helping her move tables. They were drafted into helping.
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feel a draft

to sense that one is being rejected; to sense that someone is cool toward one, possibly for racial reasons. Oh, man, I feel a draft in here. Let's leave. What a reception! I sure felt a draft.
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on draft

Drawn from a large container, such as a keg (as opposed to bottles). For example, We much prefer the taste of beer on draft. [Mid-1800s]
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draft up

To write or devise some preliminary version or plan: I drafted up a speech to give at the banquet. The architect came up with a basic plan and drafted it up to show the client.
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draft board

n. a tavern; a saloon. (Alludes to draft beer.) Let’s stop in the local draft board and toss a couple.
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feel a draft

tv. to sense that one is being rejected; to sense that someone is cool toward one, possibly for racial reasons. Oh, man, I feel a draft in here. Let’s leave.
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on draft

Drawn from a large container, such as a keg.
See also: draft, on
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In combination, the new drafting and modeling capabilities of Solid Edge Version 3 embody a risk-free, ideal solution for the huge community of 2D mechanical CAD users who are seeking to adopt 3D design techniques.
The Autodesk Mechanical Desktop is a tightly integrated software application that unites advanced 2D and 3D mechanical design and drafting functions on desktop systems.
Autodesk is the world's leading supplier of PC and UNIX-based design and drafting software and multimedia tools.
Cadra Design Drafting, Cadra NC and Cadra DM for Windows, Windows NT, Windows 95 and UNIX will be available on March 29, 1996.
provides the highest-performance, lowest-cost solutions for the needs of the mechanical design, drafting, and manufacturing sectors.
Adra Open Access, ADT, Autogeometry, Cadra Design Drafting, Cadra DM, Cadra NC, Cadra Raster, Cadra Solids and Cadra View are trademarks of Adra Systems, Inc.
The product's integrated GD&T capability, which automatically creates manufacturing tolerances, supports industry drafting standards ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS, and KS.
Class of 95" products, like DRAFT-PAK Mechanical, leverage new MicroStation 95 technology that dramatically increases user productivity, especially in the case of drafting.
It works seamlessly with MicroStation PowerDraft(TM) for 2D/3D high-productivity drafting, MicroStation 95 for 2D/3D design and drafting, MicroStation Modeler(TM) for 3D solid-based design, and MicroStation Masterpiece(TM) for high-end engineering visualization.
Over 10,000 users worldwide, from small job shops to larger organizations, are using Baystate's DRAFT-PAK range of products to streamline their mechanical design and drafting processes.
MicroStation PowerDraft is the first CAD product that addresses drafters' immediate productivity needs with focused drafting capabilities and offers further productivity gains through a language-based customization environment.
Bentley vice president of product marketing, Yoav Etiel, states, "With respect to CAD, the drafting professional has been stuck between the high-end rock and the low-end hard place.
The groups were enthusiastic about the positive impact on their productivity in 2D and 3D drafting work.
Joel Orr, founded of the League for Engineering Automation Productivity (LEAP) and president of Orr Associates International, observes, "MicroStation PowerDraft addresses an important aspect of engineering, namely drafting productivity, that's been long ignored by the industry.
Bentley Vice President, Barry Bentley, notes, "Perhaps more so than other design work, production drafting has a lot of repetitive tasks.