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draft someone for something

to select someone for something or to do something. We drafted a bunch of the boys for moving tables. The committee drafted some of the members for kitchen work.
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draft someone into something

1. . Lit. to conscript someone into the armed services. The draft board drafted Scott into the army. Todd was drafted into the army.
2. Fig. to convince someone to participate in something. She drafted some of the boys into helping her move tables. They were drafted into helping.
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feel a draft

to sense that one is being rejected; to sense that someone is cool toward one, possibly for racial reasons. Oh, man, I feel a draft in here. Let's leave. What a reception! I sure felt a draft.
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on draft

Drawn from a large container, such as a keg (as opposed to bottles). For example, We much prefer the taste of beer on draft. [Mid-1800s]
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draft up

To write or devise some preliminary version or plan: I drafted up a speech to give at the banquet. The architect came up with a basic plan and drafted it up to show the client.
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draft board

n. a tavern; a saloon. (Alludes to draft beer.) Let’s stop in the local draft board and toss a couple.
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feel a draft

tv. to sense that one is being rejected; to sense that someone is cool toward one, possibly for racial reasons. Oh, man, I feel a draft in here. Let’s leave.
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on draft

Drawn from a large container, such as a keg.
See also: draft, on
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AAHSA appreciates OSHA's efforts to address workplace injuries using outcomes-based regulations rather than imposing specific workplace policies and procedures, she says, but the draft raises several concerns.
Perceptual "filling in," or an instantaneous memory revision by the brain, cannot explain color phi, because the various drafts that make up the phenomenon do not reach awareness at precisely the same moment, Dennett contends.
Beyond the draft, the Clippers have three main offseason issues -- re- signing Cassell, re-signing Radmanovic and extending Dunleavy's contract.
If the changes are part of the global section 95 election or "global election", however, then under the December 2002 draft legislation, making that election may cause other proposals to apply retroactively, which could have negative consequences for some taxpayers.
The NFL draft eligibility, rule benefits college players by giving them a better chance to be successful on and off the football field.
For the next two decades, the draft remained a successful and relatively uncontroversial fixture of American life.
The new draft report stems from a second NIH investigation, conducted with help from the three previous panelists and two additional panelists.
The responses published in today's document 'Prism: Market Feedback and Clarifying Responses - Part 2' follows a similar response document published in September 2006 which referred to earlier exposure drafts.
Other members can follow this link in their browser to view the live draft board software.
If reports on weapons of mass destruction and Dewey beating Truman didn't teach us anything about the news business, then the run-up to the NFL draft should:
Bewailing "all the conspiracy talk and the e-mails flying all over this country" suggesting that the military draft would be restored next year, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) insisted that the vote would "put a nail in that coffin.
CHICAGO, April 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- When the 80th annual NFL Draft commences in Chicago next week, 120 Sports will showcase its football content from two unique perspectives, both from its studio and through a series of behind-the-scenes draft related events throughout the city.
65) draft pick to Florida for a 2015 third-round draft pick.
The 2012 NBA Draft will be remembered for two Kentucky players, Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, going No.
He also thanked the Council's members for their sincere efforts for considering the proposed requests for general debates, draft laws and decrees.