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In fact, he seemed never to have heard that there existed such a thing as a code of honor, for he repeatedly outraged a dozen Barsoomian fighting customs that an honorable man would rather die than ignore.
A moment later the boarding tackle dropped from the keel of the Thuria, and from a dozen points along either side stout, knotted leathern lines trailed downward.
A dozen huge and hairy forms loomed large beneath the trees at the far side of the enclosure.
A couple of the apes turned and fled at the sound of the firearm; but Chulk and a half dozen others waddled rapidly forward, and, following the ape-man's directions, seized both him and Werper and bore them off toward the jungle.
Tarzan stepped out of the jungle a dozen paces from them.
Could D'Arnot have believed that this was the same man he had introduced into half a dozen of the most select clubs of Paris?
He worked his passage on a sailing vessel that was making the trip from Auckland to San Francisco, and he arrived with a box of paints, an easel, and a dozen canvases.
Meanwhile, around 460 dozen gloves worth of US$ 37.
FLAMIN' HOT Presence Presence |pink chemise, pink chemise, PS20, Debenhams PS20, Debenhams UP TO PS20 Dozen Dozen |romantic roses, PS20, Waitrose Paul Smith Man 2 Paul Smith Man 2 |Dew heart bracelet, PS19, House of Fraser Aftershave (100ml), PS17.
Cal-Maine Foods Inc (NASDAQ:CALM) that mainly produces, grade, packs and sells fresh shell eggs, disclosed today that it reached annual sales of over 1bn dozen eggs for fiscal 2014 and the actual sold figure being 1.
deriving from the Anglo-Scottish term "to dozen," meaning to stun or stupefy) to the plausible (e.
The tremendous rise in the prices of eggs has caused dismay among the citizens as the prices have registered increase to the tune of Rs 46 per dozen within 25 days following the expiry of holy month of Ramadan.
When clicked, the eggs reveal a prize to the explorer - including discounts of up to 40% off The Barkers Dozen Homemade Organic Pet Treats
DOZENS of flights had to be diverted from Moscow yesterday because of dense smog from wildfires around the city.