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go downhill

[for something] to decline and grow worse and worse. This industry is going downhill. We lose money every year. As one gets older, one's health tends to go downhill.
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go downhill

to gradually become worse The area has started to go downhill economically in the last ten years. We started to argue soon after we got married, and things went downhill from there.
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downhill all the way

Also, all downhill from here.
1. Easy from this point, without obstacles the rest of the way. For example, Once we had the basic design, it was downhill all the way.
2. Deteriorating or declining from this point on, as in When the cancer couldn't be removed, it was downhill all the way for him. The usage therefore needs to be clarified by the context to indicate which of these opposite meaning is intended. The figurative use of downhill dates from the late 1500s. Also see go downhill.
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go downhill

Deteriorate, worsen, as in Ever since the recession began, the business has been going downhill. The figurative use of downhill for "decline" dates from the mid-1800s. Also see downhill all the way.
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it's all downhill

Also, it's all uphill from here. See under downhill all the way.
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go downhill

in. to decline. Things began to go downhill when the county cut the maintenance budget.
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35 seconds off the pace for his seventh podium in a World Cup downhill.
ski team was expected to medal in women's moguls and the men's downhill, but was shut out of both opening events.
Terrific hill training can be accomplished on a treadmill, which provides a great opportunity for uphill work, at a variety of grades, without the downhill beating in between uphill work bouts.
Games organisers rescheduled the downhill for Wednesday.
SKIING: A terrifying crash on the dangerous Streif course in Kitsbuehel, Austria, might have ended the career of Patrick Ortlieb of Austria, the former Olympic and world downhill champion.
World Cup overall leader Alexandra Meissnitzer of Austria widened the scope of her supremacy, earning her first World Cup downhill victory at Veysonnaz, Switzerland.
Their best wasn't good enough Sunday, as the heralded Bode Miller and Daron Rahlves finished without medals in the glamour downhill event.