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go downhill

[for something] to decline and grow worse and worse. This industry is going downhill. We lose money every year. As one gets older, one's health tends to go downhill.
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go downhill

to gradually become worse The area has started to go downhill economically in the last ten years. We started to argue soon after we got married, and things went downhill from there.
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downhill all the way

Also, all downhill from here.
1. Easy from this point, without obstacles the rest of the way. For example, Once we had the basic design, it was downhill all the way.
2. Deteriorating or declining from this point on, as in When the cancer couldn't be removed, it was downhill all the way for him. The usage therefore needs to be clarified by the context to indicate which of these opposite meaning is intended. The figurative use of downhill dates from the late 1500s. Also see go downhill.
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go downhill

Deteriorate, worsen, as in Ever since the recession began, the business has been going downhill. The figurative use of downhill for "decline" dates from the mid-1800s. Also see downhill all the way.
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it's all downhill

Also, it's all uphill from here. See under downhill all the way.
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go downhill

in. to decline. Things began to go downhill when the county cut the maintenance budget.
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12) Hot spots for spectators on the downhill course are the thrilling jumps, including the Wall, Big Doon, Road Gap and Motorway.
Canada's Marie-Michele Gagnon had come into the super combined as a medal contender, but endured a miserable day, coming 21st in the downhill and then falling in her favored slalom.
Not one to shy away from the odd challenge I wasn't content just chatting with Marcelo - I had to see if downhill skateboarding is as scary as it looks.
With four athletes duking it out shoulder-to-shoulder down an intimidating and treacherous icicle in full ice cross downhill gear, the combatants raced up to 40 miles an hour down steep ice canals dotted with jumps, rollers, obstacles, banked corners and hairpin bends - until the first two crossed the finish line and advanced to the next round.
He also hopes to earn a professional contract once he is 18, and has ambitions of following in the tracks of Britain's Tracy Moseley, who became World Downhill Mountain Biking Champion in 2010.
Philip Grimes from Northern Downhill said it will be the biggest vertical drop of any downhill trail built in England.
And although he was outside the medals at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, finishing seventh in the downhill and crashing in the super combined downhill, the then 38-year-old was keeping his options open for the Sochi games in 2014.
With nine hundredths separating the first three, it was the tightest podium in Olympic downhill history.
85 seconds to bag his 10th World Cup victory, his third in a downhill.
WILLAMETTE PASS - Downhill racing is one thing when you're on skis, swooping across wide-open slopes, negotiating gates well away from the closest tree, and when falling means a plunge in soft snow.
Schild, the 2006 Olympic downhill silver medallist, charged her way down the men's Olympic course on another bitterly cold day in the Canadian Rockies in a winning time of one minute, 16.
MAMMOTH LAKES -- At this moment, on the other side of that mountain, it is all frenzy -- skiers and snowboarders crowded onto steep slopes, speeding downhill for all they're worth, carving turns, leaping obstacles in the terrain park.
Western hunters often face long shots that are sharply uphill or downhill.
Once the depth of the glacier reaches 30 to 40 m (100 to 130 ft), Earth's gravity, or the force that pulls two objects together, tugs the glacier downhill.
Miller was disqualified from the first slalom run of the combined event after grabbing the lead in the earlier downhill section.