down with something

be down with (something)

1. To be in agreement with, in support of, have interest in, or thoroughly enjoy some subject, activity, or thing. I am so down with math, it's my favorite subject in school! Yeah, I'm down with seeing a movie later this evening.
2. To be on friendly terms with or enjoy the company of somebody. I'm down with Cathy, we just had a small disagreement is all. I'm just not down with John, I think he's kind of a jerk sometimes.
3. To be ill or have caught some disease. (More often expressed as "come down with something.") Marigold had to go home early today. I think she's down with the flu.
See also: down

down with somebody/something!

shouted as a protest against somebody/something: Down with the dictator!
See also: down, somebody

down with something

1. mod. comfortable with something; comfortable. (Usually with get.) Let’s get down with some good music.
2. mod. ill with something; sick in bed with something. I was down with the flu for two weeks.
See also: down, something
References in classic literature ?
I always heard he was a most excellent man; and you know, my dear, we are not to suppose but what, if you had had a suitable fortune, he would have come down with something more, for I am sure he must be a most liberal-minded man.
Prince Otto looked down with something of a grim smile at the bright, square labyrinths of the lamp-lit city below him.
Cooling down with something cold isn't very effective because your internal temperature is cooled too rapidly and your body ends up compensating by raising your temperature.
From the tests we've done since the race it looks as though he may be in the early stages of going down with something.
I'm reaching out to expats who have come to the UAE in search of a better life but have been struck down with something I like to call MIES (Massively inflated Ego Syndrome) without even knowing it.
He came down with something maybe and it certainly affected him, some sort of sickness.
I've had to stay overnight in hospital when they thought I was coming down with something because my immune system is down.
Robert Walton saw the little girl looking "worn out, and ill, as if she was coming down with something.
So many times I've come down with something after having a period of poor sleep.
Apparently viewers will see the moment she complained of feeling unwell as she lay down on a row of chairs saying: "I am definitely coming down with something.
Even so, Cold-fx is the only remedy we found with any evidence that it might improve your chances of getting through the cold and flu season without coming down with something.
It's important that communities are protected against illnesses so when one person who isn't immunised goes down with something, it won't spread to more people.
Wash it all down with something from the fine Latin American wine cellar.
We have a bit of a problem with some of our horses and I thought he was going down with something," said Michael O'Brien.
Ethel Gueret sang Constance despite an announced indisposition, and Normand Richard was also down with something and could barely make himself heard as the Marquis de La Force.