down with someone

down (with someone)

mod. friends with someone; to be okay or on good terms with someone. (Down = okay.) It’s okay. I’m down with Chuck.
See also: down
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Five years later, he realises his mistake and tries to win her back, just as she looks set to settle down with someone else.
BOY RUN Film4 shy Dennis leaves fiancee standing at Five years later, he mistake and tries to just as she looks down with someone she always used to of never finishing he decides to run a Comedy, with Simon Thandie Newton.
And because I know I will never end up back with my ex, it doesn't seem like a bad idea to spend time with him until I feel ready to settle down with someone else.
Occasionally when I sit down with someone to work through their finances, I find the problem is less "financial" than "income".
I was just trying to make her see sense and settle down with someone but it just wasn't in her personality.
It will be much easier for me to sit down with someone and work out what to say.
When she's settled down with someone new she can look back at Graham as a puzzle for not seeing the treasure he lost.
Andy owned the bitch Tregea Gold, had her mated with Farball, and made an arrangement to have her whelped down with someone and share the litter with them, but just as that happening, the person decided against going ahead with the plan.
Mainly I like to sit down with someone when they're trying to sell 'em something I would consider a big ticket item and talk with them to see if I can trust them or if they are trying to snow me.
According to the Jordanian daily Al Rai, Arwa denied the rumors during a recent appearance on the entertainment show "Hala O Ghala" (Hello Dear), and said that when she does decide to settle down with someone she will announce the news publically.
And despite being coy about the romance, Katherine has hinted that she could settle down with someone like him - eventually.
They asked me to go down with someone else for safety reasons ( but I didn't mind that.
Why tie yourself down with someone who's really only a pal?
But standing in bushes, trousers down with someone who wants to stand in bushes with someone with their trousers down just doesn't do it for me.
In a nutshell, the idea is to sit down with someone every day for 30 days and appreciate that person aloud with a few minutes of praise about his or her contribution, work habits, fine qualities, etc.