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be down with (something)

1. To be in agreement with, in support of, have interest in, or thoroughly enjoy some subject, activity, or thing. I am so down with math, it's my favorite subject in school! Yeah, I'm down with seeing a movie later this evening.
2. To be on friendly terms with or enjoy the company of somebody. I'm down with Cathy, we just had a small disagreement is all. I'm just not down with John, I think he's kind of a jerk sometimes.
3. To be ill or have caught some disease. (More often expressed as "come down with something.") Marigold had to go home early today. I think she's down with the flu.
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down with (an illness)

Sick with a particular illness, which is named after "with." I've been down with the flu all week and have barely gotten out of bed.
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down with (someone or something)

A phrase used to emphasize one's opposition to someone or something, especially that the offending person or thing be removed or eliminated. It wasn't long before all the students were chanting, "Down with homework!"
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Down with

someone or something! Do away with someone or something!; I am opposed to someone or something! Down with higher taxes! Down with corporate tax breaks! Down with tyrants!
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down with

1. Ill with, as in He's down with the flu. The down here alludes to being felled by illness. Also see come down with.
2. Depose, do away with, as in Down with the king! This imperative dates from the early 1500s.
3. Lower or put something down, as in Down with the mainsail. [Mid-1600s]
4. be or get down with . Be close friends with, as in I'm down with that crowd. [Slang; late 1900s]
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down with somebody/something!

shouted as a protest against somebody/something: Down with the dictator!
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