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I know people will say it is over for us, but we will fight down to the wire and hopefully that will be enough to keep us in the league.
Giggs added: "I'm sure the neu go down to the wire, but if Arsenal come to Old Trafford needing to pick up points against us Wenger's confidence will come back to haunt him.
With the presidential race coming down to the wire and deadlines looming, many papers, including the Post-Dispatch, went to bed prematurely declaring
1) made (false) catastrophic predictions; 2) tried "consciously to subvert the democratic process and the will of the people by trying to persuade the Senate in Ottawa to block constitutional change that had been approved by Newfoundland and the House of Commons"; 3) led a (subversive) court challenge to what had been approved by the Newfoundland legislature and by the two Houses of Parliament; 4) lacked "good faith" when the government made "one compromise after another" (John Gray, "Newfoundland referendum down to the wire again," pages A1 and 12).
We knew this was going to come down to the wire, but when freezer space is at a premium, only one can rise to the top.
And veteran striker Russell, below, reckons the battle for the end of season deciders will go down to the wire.
The Secondary Age final went down to the wire as Sandfield Park and Broadgreen could not be separated at the final whistle.
The only thing I can guarantee is it's going to go down to the wire.
It would be nice for this campaign and the next one to go down to the wire and have a right good go at it.
The relegation battle could go down to the wire between Meltham A, Crosland Moor A and Almondbury A.
A year ago, the team led by Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush went into the Rose Bowl believing that on the rare occasion when a game went down to the wire, the Trojans would find a way to pull it out.
RYAN GIGGS has admitted Manchester United only have themselves to blame for allowing their Champions League bid to go down to the wire.
An improvement in that area could see the race for the league flag going right down to the wire again.
Although the pact is expected to be ratified by the 12,400 DGA members without much dissent, the guild's leaders are gambling that making a deal now is worth more than the uncertainty and disruption of going down to the wire.
After months of negotiations that came down to the wire, Silverstein Properties Inc.