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And to Ulysses Dove it meant, and continues to mean, even more.
com) is the Designated Charity for the Dove Awards.
On behalf of the Dove brand and our team, it is a tremendous honor to accept the PRSA Silver Anvil which truly represents the pinnacle of achievement in our profession," said Koffler.
Flocks of dove are piling in all through the valley floor, with high concentrations of birds in the Owens Valley and all the way down to Cajon Summit.
In response, Dove has introduced Dove Advanced Color Care, a new line of shampoos, conditioners and specialty conditioning treatments that provide customized care for the different effects of lightening and darkening hair.
Intrigued, we took another big gulp and dove back down, this time trying to hold still while completely submerged.
With this in mind, Dove realized it was time to make a change and developed an anti-perspirant/deodorant that includes 1/4 Translucent Moisturizers(TM) to really alleviate pesky white marks.
Monsoon rain and wind hammered parts of Southern California, scattering lots of flocks of mourning dove and sending whitewing dove by the thousands to warmer weather conditions below the Mexican border.
Within our satellite system, a multiplexer was successfully used to connect video, voice and data," said Wang Xiaojie, president, Dove Communications.
A bill introduced in the State Assembly would effectively ban dove hunting in California.
In addition to unveiling the billboard in Times Square, Dove also recently released the results of a 10-country global study.
A few of the old-timers had some tasty recipes in mind for dove hors d'oeuvres.
Mercy Me - "I Can Only Imagine" - 2002 Song of the Year, Nicole Mullen - "My Redeemer" - 2001 Song of the Year, Toby Mac - "Extreme Days" - Dove Nominated Video, Toby Mac - "Let's Get This Party Started" - Dove Nominated Video, Reliant K - "Girlfriend" - Dove Award Nomination, Rebecca St.
I soon sighted a dove and mounted my little 20-gauge Browning over under, trying to track him, to get the barrels to come up behind him and swing through before sending my payload of 7 1/2s on their way.
Dove has been appointed President of ACE Financial Solutions (AFS), effective July 1, 2004.