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vulgar slang A contemptible, vile, or reprehensible person. That frat boy keeps trying to hit on my little sister. What a douche.


vulgar slang A contemptible, vile, or reprehensible person. That frat boy keeps trying to hit on my little sister. What a douchebag.

douche bag

1. n. a wretched and disgusting person. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t be a douche bag. Pick up your things and go home, Chuck.
2. n. an ugly girl or woman. (Rude and derogatory.) Look at that face! What a douche bag!
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Tampons, sanitary pads, and most personal lubricants are considered medical devices, (52) while medicated douches, anti-itch creams, and certain yeast infection treatments are regulated as over-the-counter drugs.
DNA amplification for SSR primers was performed as described in Bisognin and Douches (2002).
Effects of Corrosive Mercuric Chloride ("Bichloride") Douches," Journal of the American Medical Association 99 (6 August 1932): 497.
The procedures for tissue processing, electrophoresis, staining, and nomenclature were those of Douches and Quiros (1988).
The volume not only contains a wealth of information about nineteenth' century reproduction products--condoms, douches, vaginal pessaries and sponges, spermicidal preparations, abortifacients, and early varieties of the diaphragm--and marketing networks, it also examines the cultural backlash that arose in response to the commercialization of reproductive technology.
The VCF Dissolving Vaginal Cleansing Film is meant to provide an alternative to sprays, towelettes and douches.
Among the most important items that Lake sells through the chain drug channel are Yeast Gard vaginal suppositories, Vagi Gard vaginal creams, Vagi Gard medicated douches and the FertilMARQ Male Infertility Test, Bums notes.
In 1930 one Canadian researcher found that out of a sample of seventy-one self-inductions forty-seven were by vaginal insertion, twenty by drugs, and four by vaginal douches.
So avoid vaginal deodorants, chemical douches or sprays and antiseptics.
Disposable douches, which are the top-selling internal feminine hygiene product, have suffered recent declines.
Women who use the coil or douches to wash the vagina are most at risk.
Disposable douches, which are the leading internal feminine hygiene product, have seen recent sales declines due to product consolidation, some loss of retail distribution and expansion into larger package sizes.
KING of bling Puff Daddy held a raucous party at ultra-cool Paris club Les Bains Douches after a hard day watching couture shows.