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vulgar slang A contemptible, vile, or reprehensible person. That frat boy keeps trying to hit on my little sister. What a douche.


vulgar slang A contemptible, vile, or reprehensible person. That frat boy keeps trying to hit on my little sister. What a douchebag.

douche bag

1. n. a wretched and disgusting person. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t be a douche bag. Pick up your things and go home, Chuck.
2. n. an ugly girl or woman. (Rude and derogatory.) Look at that face! What a douche bag!
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Tampons, sanitary pads, and most personal lubricants are considered medical devices, (52) while medicated douches, anti-itch creams, and certain yeast infection treatments are regulated as over-the-counter drugs.
45) In a series of full-page advertisements entitled "Frank Talks by Eminent Women Physicians," stem-looking European female gynecologists urged "smart-thinking" women to entrust their health only to doctor-recommended Lysol disinfectant douches.
The volume not only contains a wealth of information about nineteenth' century reproduction products--condoms, douches, vaginal pessaries and sponges, spermicidal preparations, abortifacients, and early varieties of the diaphragm--and marketing networks, it also examines the cultural backlash that arose in response to the commercialization of reproductive technology.
In 1930 one Canadian researcher found that out of a sample of seventy-one self-inductions forty-seven were by vaginal insertion, twenty by drugs, and four by vaginal douches.
LCP is already a leader in the women's health category, offering a broad range of personal care products including: BABYSTART, ovulation and pregnancy tests; VAGI-GARD, vaginal creams, douches, cleansers and deodorants; YEAST-GARD and FEMIZOL-M, yeast infection treatments; MOIST AGAIN, WONDERGEL and VAGI-GARD, vaginal moisturizers; ESTREX, for natural relief from menopausal symptoms; and Foot Fetiche Foot Pampering treatments.
Dans ce sens, la Direction du tourisme et de l'artisanat vient de lancer, pour l'edition 2015, une operation d'equipement des plages (60 douches, 60 toilettes et 60 cabines de deshabillage), en plus de bouees de balisage pour delimiter les zones de baignade et le trace des couloirs de jets de ski, a-t-on encore signale.
Empty the bladder soon after intercourse and avoid douches, vaginal deodorants and powders.
MipHil was shown to be superior to douches in reducing vaginal pH, eliminating odor and providing an environment in which pathogenic microorganisms could not flourish.
beaucoup moins que] Pour prendre la douche, nous avons le choix entre les douches publiques ou les toilettes de la maison [beaucoup plus grand que], souligne Mohamed.
KING of bling Puff Daddy held a raucous party at ultra-cool Paris club Les Bains Douches after a hard day watching couture shows.
NutraMax is a leading private label health and personal care products company and the number one manufacturer and marketer of private label Disposable Douches, ready-to-use Enemas, Pediatric Electrolyte Oral Maintenance Solutions, Disposable Baby Bottles, Cough Drops and Throat Lozenges.
Avec la participation de tous les acteurs concernes, la rencontre abordera l'etat des lieux du tourisme a Alger, notamment en ce qui concerne les plages et leurs problemes de gestion, qui font que les estivants sont souvent confrontes a l'absence des equipements de base (toilettes, douches et vestiaires), a explique Lamdani.
Le parc sera dote de deux piscines, avec douches et vestiaires, d'un circuit pedestre pour les amoureux du jogging, d'une piste cyclable, de trois terrains de tennis avec petites tribunes, de quatorze terrains de petanque, de bancs de sable avec jeux pour enfants, d'un coin repos avec l'installation de 100 tables avec bancs et 5 barbecues, d'un centre d'accueil avec sanitaires et d'une infirmerie de premiers secours.
NutraMax is a leading manufacturer and marketer of private label health and personal care products, with its principal products consisting of disposable douches, disposable enemas, disposable baby bottle liners, pediatric electrolyte oral maintenance solution and ophthalmic products.