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Possibly, identity moratorium in general, like religious doubting in specific, inherently generates a troubling psychological discomfort (i.
Since you've admitted you wasted time by doubting, you have a head start.
I saw on the contrary that from the mere fact that I thought of doubting the truth of other things, it followed quite evidently and certainly that I existed; whereas if I had merely ceased thinking, even if everything else I had ever imagined had been true, I should have no reason to believe that I existed.
Moreover, Gilbert argues, just as healthy people immediately believe what they see, doubting their eyes only on rare occasions, so must they initially believe what they read or hear, if only for a fleeting moment.
You just don't want to lose too many games because then you starting doubting yourself.
In part 2 of the Discourse (which also contains a masked allusion to the dreams of 1619),(28) the description of his doubting in 1619 is closely followed by the enunciation of the four elementary rules of his method, the first of which proposes a criterion of clarity and distinctness as the basis for determining which judgments may be accepted as indubitable.
For Gauna, the doubting and dissident and nihilistic opposite is what the Cymbalum Mundi is truly about.