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Because of its uncommonness, the applicant argued that that the public will more likely appreciate it as a double entendre and pun than if pregnancy text was a common expression that the public is accustomed to perceiving.
For example, in Aldhelm's Enigma 70 double entendre may be at hand in describing the loaf of bread as something "growing hard" in the oven, an image that recalls Exeter Riddle 45, where the dough in the oven is said to be "growing in a corner.
Bryant acknowledges this connection in the double entendre of his title, meant to evoke both an image of a massive endowment and a lynching.
The beauty of the double entendre, when it is well-crafted, is that it is on the face of it entirely innocent, and it is only slowly that its dirty alternative meaning dawns on the listener.
British audiences, with their healthy relish for double entendre, have a nostalgic attachment to the "Carry On" movies.
As well as being an obvious double entendre, the title Pink Comforter, 2005, also refers to a rare flash of bright color.
has mastered the art of the clever slogan and the double entendre in its newest campaign targeted at adult learners.
Doug-Bob follows with a witty double entendre of a poem titled "The Soft Red Chair", whereby he contemplates poetry, women, and grammatical correctness in a bookstore:
At the Kerry fest, she carried a liquor bottle and did a twenty-minute riff on that double entendre gift bag of a word: "bush.
A note on the book: Pre-fame, Nan was an oyster shucker, and, although "tipping the velvet" may refer to swishing down an oyster, a double entendre it does serve
Well , one has to appreciate her little double entendre.
The programs, pushed by the religious right, let through 25 percent of the porn sites while blindly stopping 20 percent of the "benign" sites with double entendre names like Super Bowl XXX, the Mars Exploration site (MARSEXPL)--and Mother Jones
The name of the company, said Schroeder, "is a double entendre.
Cut appears in Middletons A Chaste Maid in Cheapside as a double entendre underlying Lady Kix's lament on her childlessness: "Can any woman have a greater CUt?
In Dubai his repertoire included his 1955 debut single Maybellene, Sweet Little Sixteen, Memphis Tennessee, and his biggest double entendre hit, My Ding-A-Ling.