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But we have brought you into the world to be rulers of the hive, kings of yourselves and of the other citizens, and have educated you far better and more perfectly than they have been educated, and you are better able to share in the double duty.
Now let's fly round, and do double duty today, so that we can play tomorrow with free minds," said Jo, preparing to replace her pen with a broom.
There, said the landlord, placing the candle on a crazy old sea chest that did double duty as a wash-stand and centre table; there, make yourself comfortable now, and good night to ye.
Eryx being made to do double duty, both as Scheria and Ithaca.
Take care my gaoler hasn't got double duty to do--take care your room is not a prison too.
The sources said that duty officers and head constables in all 29 police stations across the district were also meting out discriminatory treatment to their subordinates by taking double duty from some officials while being lenient to others.
This contest supports the recent launch of ARM & HAMMER Double Duty Clumping Cat Litter which destroys both urine and feces odors.
The Double Duty Divas, a blog network and consultation company, announced today it will host the first annual Reviewer's Retreat blog conference.
CHURCH & DWIGHT INTRODUCES its Arm & Hammer Double Duty Clumping Cat Litter, designed to eliminate both urine and feces odors.
That's where double duty beauty comes in - the products that serve more than one purpose - saving you time, money and space in even the daintiest of evening bags.
The First World War memorial was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and would later do double duty for the Second World War.
Cheerleaders argue that they have to pull double duty, and members of some girls' athletic teams even complain that the cheering is distracting.
Keith Higgins is going to be pulling double duty at Reseda High this year.
Here is a small sample of the many flowers that do double duty in a vase and in your medicine cabinet: