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dote on (someone or something)

To give someone a lot of love and attention. I can't help but dote on my kids whenever they're home from college—I just miss them so much when they're away!
See also: dote, on

dote on

To show excessive fondness or love to someone: My grandmother dotes on all of her grandchildren.
See also: dote, on
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Oaks third Graigues Echo finished second behind Inkys Dote in the opening round, but can return to winning ways despite the presence of Hi Queen Closure, Mays Liz and Rathmartin Joy.
Un important projet energetique dote d'une autorisation de programme (AP) de 11.
Her mum and aunties dote on her and watch her antics patiently.
Ce projet, dont les travaux ont demarre en 2010, a ete dote d'une enveloppe financiere initiale de 50 millions de dinars.
Au vu de la fiche technique du projet, dont les travaux ont ete entames avec la pose progressive d'une cloture, la ville recevra, dans quelques mois, son premier parc de loisirs, dote de toutes les commodites.
CHRIS Brown is a big softie at heart and dotes on his baby daughter Royalty, it has been revealed.
In the new Filipino movie The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, Nathan Lopez plays 12-year-old Maxi, a kid growing up in Manila who dotes on his father and two brothers.
During his free time, Greg dotes on his nieces and nephews; his current budding interests are wood-working and lampworking.
So he dotes on his odd parents and his dachshund Isabella.
She ignores her own children but dotes on the children of friends and acquaintances.