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at death's doorstep

Extremely ill or very close to death or total destruction. A case of untreated rabies left me suddenly at death's doorstep. There are many parts of the environment that are now on death's doorstep due to the effects of pollution.
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at (one's) doorstep

1. Literally, outside one's door. I'm at your doorstep right now—where are you?
2. By extension, one's responsibility. That issue is at the police commissioner's doorstep now. I always hire reputable contractors for my company because I don't want complaints of shoddy construction at my doorstep.
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at someone's doorstep

 and on someone's doorstep
Fig. in someone's care; as someone's responsibility. Why do you always have to lay your problems at my doorstep? I shall put this issue on someone else's doorstep. I don't want that problem on my doorstep.
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on your doorstep

also at your doorstep
very near to you Most people do not want war on their doorstep and will do everything they can to prevent it. People who live with poverty at their doorstep think about today, and not what the future will be like.
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on somebody's doorstep

very near to where someone lives The great thing is we've got all the local amenities right on our doorstep.
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at one's door

Also, on one's doorstep. Very nearby, as in The bus stop was practically on our doorstep, or The Mexican currency crisis is literally at our door. [Early 1900s] Also see lay at someone's door.
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It gave residents the chance to equip themselves with knowledge of different scams, frauds and doorstep crime, and was supported by a number of groups, including West Yorkshire Police, AgeUK, Victim Support, the DWP Outreach Team and Lindley Library and Information Centre, which all held stalls.
Khan was snared as part of a police crackdown on doorstep crime.
Caerphilly council is urging residents to be aware of doorstep scammers circulating in the area.
Coun Les Caborn, portfolio holder for community safety, said: "A Trading Standards rapid response team, called out to support victims at their properties, has saved consumers and businesses over PS100,000 during that period, money that would otherwise have found its way in to the hands of doorstep criminals.
It's disgraceful that some traders rip people off on their own doorstep.
Ringtons does not sell its goods in traditional retail outlets, choosing instead to sell items directly to consumers online, through the company's doorstep delivery service and via its new retail offering which sees the Signature range being sold by Ringtons Beverages' suppliers such as hotels or cafes to their own customer base.
The clubs offer young people the chance to play sports at a low cost right on their doorstep.
The baby was thought to be around just 24 hours old when dumped on a doorstep in Wick, Worcestershire on July 18 .
If you make an appointment for a trader/business to call at your home over the telephone and then sign up to buy something, this is still a doorstep sale.
Public protection staff at the county council and Northumbria Police officers are working together in a bid to discover whether doorstep sellers operating in the area are genuine.
Summary: DUBAI - Visa has partnered with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, or NBAD, to make it easier for UAE shoppers to shop online at US merchants and have their purchases delivered right at their doorstep.
ON's proposal to follow suit will mean disbanding its 530-strong doorstep workforce.
Global Banking News-February 8, 2012--Yes Bank enters into agreement to provide doorstep service(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
You don't have to go to football matches to hear racist comments, you can hear it on your own doorstep.
BRITISH Gas yesterday signalled an end to doorstep selling after consumer groups claimed the practice puts pressure on people into switching to worse deals.