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Sunny was driving along a dirt road when suddenly the doorless Rhino rolled over, throwing Sunny from the vehicle and dragging her as it flipped over.
It was when he heard a noise in another room that he initially discovered his friend sitting in a doorless cupboard, apparently asleep.
And in their fairy tales The warty giant and witch Get sealed in doorless jails And the match-girl strikes it rich.
The spatial layout of this bathroom includes oversized bathing elements of a garden tub and a doorless shower.
Be advised, however, that riding around town in a doorless, open-air Jeep Wrangler sends, well, signals.
Among other tasks my team caught mollusks to feed the fish penned in the river, steps from the doorless front door; built up the earthworks between rice paddies; helped cook; replenished the firewood stores; resurrected a cow stall; started a compost site; and created a vegetable garden from scratch, fence and all.
Finding three clay animals stuck in a doorless popsicle stick barn that her daughter Sara had left lying around, Ohi began to wonder and worry about how they were going to get out.
Its three-part structure consists of a different style for each part: The first--the hero is pondering the personal and professional perplexities he's concerned with--realistic with symbolic elements; the second--a forty-eight-hour period in which the hero undergoes a complete metamorphosis--surrealistic; the Epilogue--the hero is carrying out his decision as he is going from wantonness to piety, he secludes himself from the world's temptations by living as an ascetic in a doorless prison cell of his own creation.
An idiot savant in track pants and a battered Martin Luther King t-shirt, he has lived off and on in Julian's grandmother's abandoned car--a doorless 1978 Chrysler New Yorker dubbed "the Shitmobile"--for the entire run of the series.
As a passing-through point for nearly seven million commuters a day, the bustling terminus is throbbingly hot and dusty, where eager passengers seem to compete to see who can leap out of the doorless carriages first.
From the steps of Kenkeleba, looking across at the shooting galleries, you saw unreflecting windows and bricked-up facades, like doorless entrances to Hades.
There were four additional, doorless compartments, two on each side of the third display compartment.
She can't invite the other bugs / To tea or for a snack, / Because her little doorless house, / She carries on her back
A 'carcer', a windowless and doorless room entered by ladder, isolated individuals for contemplation of their sins.