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And the door's always open to the base wet canteen.
My door's always open, to the RSPCA, Animal Aid, everyone.
Whenever I've left a company, I've always departed on really good terms and it's nice when they've said, 'The door's always open if you want to come back'.
For any boxer out there the door's always open, and it would have been open to Haroon Khan.
The door's always open for a meeting, although to be realistic it would have to be on Paul's volition.
The door's always open - it's up to the players to prove themselves at club level and they'll get a chance with Scotland.
My door's always open for the mayor,'' Padilla said.
Her response was, "Oh that's not a problem, the door's always open.
He was also quite outspoken as Dave Mackay found out in his first week as manager of the club when he said: "If anyone's got any problems come and see me my door's always open.
There's no reason for him to try to improve your relationship when her door's always open and she's poisoning him against you.
And if she ever wants Heinz beans on toast and PG Tips tea, my door's always open.