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Shippey also briefly touches on the presence of fate and doom in Tolkien's work, but he only makes a few general comments and an indepth analysis falls outside the scope of his discussion of Tolkien and his inspiration.
Before embarking on an in-depth examination of the role of fate and doom in The Silmarillion and Germanic mythology, it is necessary to get an idea of the semantic field of these words, for they do not avail themselves of a singular, all-encompassing definition.
As can be seen above, one of the major concepts associated with doom (and sometimes fate) is judgment.
Closely tied in with the notion of judgment as one's fate or doom is the personification thereof, as is transparent, for example, in Mandos, "the Doomsman of the Valar" (19).
In The Silmarillion, there is no concrete persona of fate aside from Mandos, but on many occasions, fate and doom appear to be operating as agents independent of any other power.
Doom caught the attention of Commissioner John Rees in 2005 while participating in a pilot program called the Executive Leadership Program.
Paying special attention to inmates' rights, Doom and her staff are still working with family, district and circuit court judges and county court clerks to make video conferencing the choice for inmate court appearances throughout Kentucky's Department of Corrections.
In 2006, Doom received the Commissioner's Award, which is presented annually to a staff member for "outstanding efforts in the field of corrections.
As deputy warden, Doom has also been very active in updating the institution's policies to meet ACA standards.
When asked about the potential humor of her name in the maximum-security facility, Doom laughed and acknowledged the occasional "Here comes Doom" humor.
Ramesses/Negativa Reaction (split CD / PsycheDOOMelic)--Mark and Tim from Electric Wizard give their take on volumized cosmic-driven blues doom.
Starchild (s/t/12th Records)--Best damn spaced-out drug doom I've lent an ear to lately, believe it.
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Portland's mighty YOB return with three tracks coming in at 50 minutes of doom drenched destruction.
For info on the stoner, doom psych and heavy stuff I'm into, contact: rick@thrashermagazine.