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Second, we are developing our mentor system, which began this past January, enabling DONs to contact by phone or fax experienced, retired DONs to help them work out solutions to their problems.
I recently heard a DON say she told a nurse to "kick her husband out," which the nurse did.
I think we struggled a little bit on offense, but once we started moving the ball, our defense forced a lot of turnovers,'' said sophomore tight end Aaron Kenney, one of six team captains referred to as the Don Corps.
At our forthcoming conference in June, a "nurse staffing forum" will provide DONs with various staffing models from which to choose, and will teach them how to negotiate and submit staffing proposals.
There has never before been such a demand placed upon DONs to understand the politics, both internal and external, of decisionmaking.
Clinically, DONs must develop sophisticated care planning skills, including knowledge of clinical protocols (such as "critical pathways") and of the application of practice guidelines and case management.
A motion penalty and a sack stalled the Dorsey drive, however, and the Dons came up empty when Jimenez missed the field goal.
An annual retreat for DONs and other nursing managers focuses on relevant issues and stresses networking.
So the next week, Tracy upped the ante by inserting 12 "ferrets" into her essay; the don didn't so much as shift in his seat.
The Dons were undone by a sack and a penalty, and Dorsey's Jesus Jimenez missed a 31-yard field goal wide left with 2:44 remaining.
But the Dons know rankings won't mean anything in Division II when the playoffs gets started next week.
Peck: What do you see as the biggest challenge facing DONs, whether in the short term, the long term or both?
1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Last year, Privado Marketing Group LLC, DC 115 Cedar NR, LLC and Don Coqui Holding Company, LLC (collectively, "Don Coqui") commenced a lawsuit against Eleftheria Restaurant Corp.