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So the boy smiled and donned the finery of the vanquished, and went his way with Akut, searching, always searching for the elusive anthropoids who were to welcome them with open arms.
Next, he hastened to his room, tore off the spotted trousers which seemed in his eyes a link to bind him to the gallows, flung them in a corner, donned another pair, breathlessly crammed his night things into his portmanteau, locked it, swung it with an effort from the ground, and with a rush of relief, came forth again under the open heavens.
he donned his costume, adorned with vari-coloured wings, and fastened to his natural feature a false nose six feet long.
D'Artagnan, with a sigh, donned his uniform, which he would have exchanged for that of a Musketeer at the expense of ten years of his existence.
de Villefort, he fulfilled the predictions of Heloise to the letter, -- donned his dress suit, drew on a pair of white gloves, ordered the servants to attend the carriage dressed in their full livery, and drove that same night to No.
He and some of his fellows who had donned blue were quite over- whelmed with privileges for all of one afternoon, and it had been a very delicious thing.