don't ask me

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don't ask (one)

1. A phrase said when one doesn't want someone to inquire about something. A: "Whoa, what happened in here?" B: "Ugh, don't ask."
2. I don't know. In this phrase "ask" is followed by a noun or pronoun. A: "Whoa, what happened in here?" B: "Don't ask me, I just got home myself."
See also: ask

ˌdon’t ask ˈme

(spoken, informal) if you say don’t ask me, you mean that you do not know the answer to a question and are annoyed that you have been asked: Don’t ask me — nobody tells me anything around here.
See also: ask
References in classic literature ?
Don't ask me why I make the stipulations I am going to make, and exact the promise I am going to exact; I have a reason-- a good one.
don't ask me,' said he; `I think the king capable of anything; he has a will of iron, and what he wills he wills in earnest.
I'm willing to be your financial manager, Tom Swift, but please don't ask me to be a high-brow.
Affery immediately replied, 'For goodness sake don't ask me nothing, Arthur