don't you wish

don't you wish

You would like this to be the case. A: "Next year, I'm going to beat you for student council president." B: "Yeah, don't you wish!"
See also: wish

Don't you wish!

Don't you wish that what you have just said were really true? Mary: I'm going to get a job that lets me travel a lot. Sally: Don't you wish! Sally: Sorry you lost the chess game. It was close, but your opponent was top-notch. Bob: Next time, I'll do it! I'll win the next round. Sally: Don't you wish!

(Don’t) you wish!

exclam. I’m sure you wish it were true. There’s no school tomorrow? You wish!
References in classic literature ?
Don't you wish we had the money Papa lost when we were little, Jo?
Don't you wish, Ojo, with all your heart, that you had not been disobedient and broken a Law of Oz?
You didn't see her, you didn't--I say, don't you wish you was me, when she comes tomorrow morning?
Don't you wish our leaders would stop mouthing their benign platitudes?
The Damned - whose story is traced in newlyreleased documentary Don't You Wish That We Were Dead - might be something dangerously close to national treasures these days but they retain the anti-establishment attitudes that fired those ground-breaking releases.
Oh don't you wish you never had anything else to do?
Don't you wish more people understood this concept?
Don't you wish you had that option in a relationship to be able to watch back your arguments so you can see who was right and who was wrong?
Don't you wish you could easily find and remove offending and offensive photos and posts that you have made on Facebook?
With all our progress, don't you wish, just once, you could slip back in time and savour the slower pace, and share it with the children of today?
Don't you wish that all you had to do was order one NSN to get all the parts you need?
But, Tommy sauce's status as a universally loved condiment aside, don't you wish there was some way to jazz it up a bit sometimes?
Rehman: He also said that don't you wish to give him 'full dose'.
Don't you wish you could start all over again and review that proposal with what you know now?
Don't you wish you'd bought that DCM M1 Carbine back in '63?