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chrome dome

A person who is completely bald, or that person's head. I actually started losing my hair in my late twenties, and I've been a chrome dome ever since! Some women don't care for bald men, but I love my husband's chrome dome.
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n. a shiny, bald head; a man with a bald head. (Also a rude term of address.) The guy with the chrome-dome suddenly grasped his chest and made a face.


n. the head, especially if bald. I need a new hat for my shiny dome.


mod. hit on the head. (see also dome.) I domed him accidentally with the ladder.
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n. a psychologist or psychiatrist. The dome-doctor lets me talk while he keeps score.


1. n. an intellectual. It’s not that what the double-domes say is wrong, it’s that they are so sure that they are right that scares me.
2. mod. intellectual. Most kids need to be exposed to double-dome profs at college for a while.

marble dome

n. a stupid person. (Someone who has marble where brains should be.) The guy’s a marble dome. He has no knowledge of what’s going on around him.
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Following weeks of assembling precisely cut 24-inch double-struts from structural grade Southern yellow pine, Mike, his two brothers and his father started on the dome shell.
We specialize in construction lending, and Oregon Domes has a long-term history with us, so it was just a good business decision," Cherbas said.
Godino and her partner, Brett Gustavson, both in their twenties, purchased a 14 foot diameter canvas dome a year ago and set it up on rented land.
This summer, the copper is scheduled to come off the dome, sure to be an eye-catcher for commuters and others gazing up at the hill.
Monolithic Domes are engineered to withstand this pressure.
That considerable heft, the unique shape and its structural integrity are three principal reasons why monolithic domes can withstand winds up to 400 miles per hour.
It actually constructed two domes, one houses the school and the other features a gym with seating for 1,500 spectators plus a 150-seat theater.
Hundreds have been built in Indonesia, Russia, Germany, Latvia, Poland and the United States where a three-bedroom dome home with chandeliers and gold-plated taps costs pounds 307,000.
Significantly, most task group members, blind and sighted alike, complained strongly that truncated domes endanger passengers by catching their cane tips and heels of shoes when they walk along platform edges or board trains.
Supporting these ideas, researchers pointed out that the pancake domes on Venus bear at least a superficial resemblance to silica-rich volcanic landforms on Earth.
This powerful alliance well positions ABC Domes to continue on an aggressive expansion plan to build specialized commercial domes throughout the United States.
Contract notice: Framework Agreement concerning delivery and repair of Sonar domes.
Contract award: Framework Agreement concerning delivery and repair of Sonar domes.
As one of the first geodesic domes in the world, the Gold Dome is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.