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There was poor old ponas Jokubas, for instance--he had already given five dollars, and did not every one know that Jokubas Szedvilas had just mortgaged his delicatessen store for two hundred dollars to meet several months' overdue rent?
nough for two banks, so he say I could put in my five dollars en he pay me thirty-five at de en' er de year.
This was the first feeble sign that such a novelty as the telephone business could be established; and no money ever looked handsomer than this twenty dollars did to Bell, Sanders, Hubbard, and Watson.
After having given a good deal of thought to the subject, we finally had the plans drawn for a building that was estimated to cost about six thousand dollars.
One broker left him a check for twenty thousand dollars, another for nearly forty thousand.
Eight dollars a week or a million a year--what is the difference?
Look at the one I got now, not as big as the smallest here, an' me payin' six dollars a month for it.
It is the highest priced handkerchief, by twenty dollars, that ever crossed the Atlantic.
The wages of fifty boys each year will come to three hundred pounds-- that is, fifteen hundred dollars.
In his possession was some two hundred dollars in gold-dust, which Daylight immediately borrowed.
Three dollars a week, an' four dollars a week, an' a young boy cookin' for himself on an oil-burner an' layin' up money, workin' all day an' studyin' all night, just workin' an' never playin', never havin' a good time, an' never learnin' how to have a good time - of course his thirty thousand came along too late.
I am about to become worth one hundred thousand dollars.
When the owner despairingly offered a reward of fifty dollars, our interest increased and the mystery deepened.
Maybe bank lose twenty thousand dollars, maybe bank win.
One hundred dollars has been added to the value of the leather.