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In the new poll, 39 percent of those surveyed said the country is doing pretty badly and 17 percent said it is doing very badly.
Decades of doing makes this more possible every day; with the FCX Clarity - powered by hydrogen and emitting nothing but pure H2O - being driven in limited numbers on the streets of California today.
But Honda and many others in the industry are determined to keep doing, and few would disagree that our children and their children will be getting about in such a car in years to come.
I get pretty damn sweaty when I'm doing the thing, but I have all the gear and shit on.
I was doing very well, thank you, before "Lawrence of Arabia.
Preaching that inspires this kind of faith will be less about what we ought and ought not do with our holiday season and more about what God in Christ has done, is doing, and will do.
Having job descriptions and posted tasks would result in employees feeling confident that they were doing what was expected of them.
He trusted the folks actually doing the work to do the work.
Finally, there are the people who get excited by the fact they're learning something they didn't know: "The sort of gems that flourish in the kind of environment where you're doing something that hasn't been done before.
Michael Brown, the beleaguered recent head of FEMA, may have felt momentarily bucked up when President Bush spoke those now famous words: "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie.
Instead of doing full backups and now incrementals, we look at it differently and use technology with all the MIPS we have available now, toss a little compute power at it, and put in some algorithms and now look at the data and are able to truly break it up into lower components and only send across the wire what's truly changed, and a map of how to rebuild it.
But whether or not you are a distance athlete yourself, if you do any kind of sports medicine, patients will sometimes ask you for practical advice about doing distance-sport racing.
Doonan, who first made his name doing cheeky, sometimes outrageous window displays as the creative director of Barneys New York--he's thinking for this year's holiday season "Camilla Parker Bowles rubbing Charles's back in a bath .
By emphasizing doing rather than saying, concrete comedy taps our physical relation to existence and as such, our whole selves--brain and body both.
Most people will do a better job if they know why they're doing what you want.