1. n. a foot. (Usually plural.) I gotta get home and soak my dogs.
2. n. an ugly girl. (Rude and derogatory.) I’m no dog, but I could wish for some changes.
3. n. something undesirable or worthless; merchandise that no one wants to buy. Put the dogs out on the sale table so people will see them.
4. n. dog dung. (see also dog-doo.) There’s some dog on the lawn.
5. tv. to follow someone. The cop dogged Lefty for a week.
6. tv. to stay with one and haunt one. Will this memory dog me all the days of my life?
7. tv. to eat something; to eat something as a dog eats. He dogged his hamburger and ran out the door to catch the bus.
8. tv. to criticize someone or something. Stop dogging me about every little thing!
9. and dawg and dogg. n. buddy; friend. (Originally black. Also a term of address. The spelling variations do not affect pronunciation.) Hey, dog! Tsup? Word, dog.


See dog

my dog

and my dawg and my dogg
n. my friend; my “pet” and companion. Jane’s my dawg. We cruise together.
See also: dog

my dogg

See my dog
See also: dogg
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