doctor's orders

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doctor's orders something

that one is strongly advised to do as ordered or as if ordered by a doctor. I have to spend a month in Arizona. Doctor's orders. I'm doing this on doctor's orders, but I don't like it.
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Pollyanna, meanwhile, in accordance with the doctor's orders, was being escorted to John Pendleton's rooms.
What I say is," her husband protested sullenly, "that we ought to wait for the doctor's orders.
He sat up alone with him through the night, only ordering the housekeeper to lie down in her clothes, so as to be ready when he called her, alleging his own indisposition to sleep, and his anxiety to carry out the doctor's orders.
But when a quarter to nine struck, and he saw old Thomas beginning to fidget about with the keys in his hand, he thought of the Doctor's parting monition, and stopped the cornopean at once, notwithstanding the loud-voiced remonstrances from all sides; and the crowd scattered away from the close, the eleven all going into the School-house, where supper and beds were provided for them by the Doctor's orders.
I am transgressing the doctor's orders in seeing any body.
When she recovered, her head had been stripped of its beautiful hair by the doctor's order.
But availing himself of the doctor's order, the old man would not take any sustenance; at length (after nine days of despair and fasting), the old man died, cursing those who had caused his misery, and saying to Mercedes, `If you ever see my Edmond again, tell him I die blessing him.
More than three quarters 76% of insured consumers say they should be able to get their blood tested anytime, without a doctor's orders.
EIGHTIES pop star Steve Strange will defy doctor's orders and perform at a gig in Birmingham tomorrow night.
Welch's, the fruit juice maker that did the survey, said: "It's worrying that most would require doctor's orders to get into shape.
Summary: Sir Elton John's spokesman says the star is "absolutely fine" despite cancelling more shows on doctor's orders.
Moments after securing his 65th career victory on the PGA Tour, Woods admitted he had defied doctor's orders to compete at Torrey Pines.
The US entertainer was due to play at the MEN Arena in Manchester but cancelled on doctor's orders due to acute laryngitis.
But what's a nurse to do if the doctor's orders appear contrary to her training?
Under doctor's orders, Rod has been told to rest until his next scheduled Earls Court date on Wednesday May 11.