do in

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do someone in

1. . to make someone tired. That tennis game really did me in. Yes, hard activity will do you in.
2. to cheat someone; to take someone in. The scam artists did the widow in by talking her into giving them all the money in her bank account.
3. Sl. to kill someone. The crooks did the bank guard in. They'll probably do the witnesses in soon.

do somebody in

1. to make someone very tired The five-mile hike really did us in.
2. to kill someone That snake's bite is so poisonous, it can do you in within a few minutes. If I really wanted to do him in, I wouldn't need to have a gun.

do in

1. Tire out, exhaust, as in Running errands all day did me in. [Colloquial; early 1900s] Also see done in.
2. Kill, as in Mystery writers are always thinking of new ways to do their characters in. [Slang; early 1900s] Also see def. 4.
3. Ruin utterly; also cheat or swindle. For example, The five-alarm fire did in the whole block, or His so-called friend really did him in. [First half of 1900s]
4. do oneself in. Commit suicide, as in She was always threatening to do herself in. [Slang; first half of 1900s]

do in

1. To tire someone completely; exhaust someone: The marathon did me in. Those difficult exercises did in the students who were out of shape.
2. To kill someone: Those cigarettes will do you in if you smoke too many of them. That powerful poison did in every one of the cockroaches.
3. To ruin someone or something: Huge losses on the stock market did many investors in. The hurricane did in many of the stores along the coast.