do battle

do battle (with something)

to compete or argue with someone We plan to teach groups that normally do battle with each other to cooperate. Jessie liked to do battle with her brother.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of do battle (to fight against a military force)
See also: battle
References in classic literature ?
for a stranger, who is also of another faith, to find one who will do battle, wagering life and honour for her cause, against a knight who is called an approved soldier.
My father, if a strong man can be found to do battle for my cause with sword and spear, according to the custom of the Nazarenes, and that within the lists of Templestowe, on the third day from this time, peradventure our fathers' God will give him strength to defend the innocent, and her who hath none to help her.
But he cannot bear his armour, and what other Christian shall do battle for the oppressed of Zion?
I will hie me to the city of York, where many warriors and strong men are assembled, and doubt not I will find among them some one who will do battle for thy daughter; for gold is their god, and for riches will they pawn their lives as well as their lands.
At last it was decided that the men were too much wearied to do battle longer.