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pay dividends

To cause or produce good results in the future due to an investment of time, money, or other resources. The amount of time the team has dedicated to practice and drilling has been paying dividends, as they've been dominating the competition so far this season. Being disciplined in the way you study now will pay dividends by the time your exams come around.
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peace dividend

The money a country stands to save or even earn by not engaging in war or buying weaponry. Our government has been resolute in its decision not to engage in this dispute, instead investing the peace dividend back into social infrastructure like health care and public transportation.
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pay dividends

COMMON If something pays dividends, it brings advantages at a later date. Taking time out to get fit will pay dividends in the long run. Martin went out of his way to lavish attention on Mrs. Eaton, a move which later paid big dividends. Note: A dividend is a payment of profits that is divided among all the shareholders of a company.
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pay ˈdividends

produce great advantages or profits: Learning a foreign language will always pay dividends.Hard work while you’re young pays dividends later.
If you invest in a company, the money you receive as your share of the profit is called a dividend.
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a/the ˈpeace dividend

money that governments save by not buying weapons: The Health Service should benefit from the peace dividend.
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Planning opportunity: A deemed dividend election is most likely to be useful when the corporation needs to avoid PII, and also if shareholders have losses in excess of basis and do not foresee being able to use them.
income taxation on the dividend and the avoir fiscal payment (passthrough entities would be eligible to the extent of the eligibility of their partners or beneficiaries).
Lars Christian Bacher, executive vice president, has been allocated 281 Dividend Shares in the Dividend Issue.
However, if the ESOP'S participants are treated as the stock owners, then there is a meaningful reduction in their interests; thus, the redemption was not a dividend and not deductible under Sec.
Therefore, taxpayers will be allowed to take a 100 percent dividend deduction for dividends received from noninsurance corporations subject to the ownership requirements of Sec.
In the past, tech companies like Microsoft didn't need to pay dividends because their share prices were like the sun: Every morning, they rose.
Until 1988, the Chicago-based building materials company had paid a dividend for many years.
NYSE: DIS), you'd receive an annual dividend of 63 cents a share or a total of $63.
If such an election is not made, or if requests for relief are denied, then the taxpayer may face constructive dividend (or capital) treatment.
The existence of the DRD led to the practice of"dividend stripping," whereby a corporation would (1) purchase stock in another corporation, (2) receive a dividend and claim a DRD and (3) promptly sell the stock and sustain a capital loss on the sale, measured by the amount of the dividend (assuming there were no other price fluctuations).
AB 263 establishes very complex rules and formulas to compute the DRD on "qualified dividends" and grants the FTB the authority to include a portion of an insurance company's earnings and profits (E&P) in its shareholders' income as a "deemed dividend.
The New Mexico Supreme Court has dealt a serious, and perhaps fatal, blow to New Mexico's attempt to save the constitutionality of the manner in which it taxes a corporation's dividend income.
Under section 356(a)(2) and revenue ruling 93-61, this gain is characterized as a dividend (to the extent the company has accumulated earnings and profits) if the exchange is considered a dividend.