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divert (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To induce someone or something to change course or direct their attention to something else. Try to divert the cars from the main road onto the side street if you can. Good luck diverting the kids away from cartoons so that they'll do their homework.
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divert someone or something from someone or something

to turn someone or something aside or away from someone or something. We could not divert his attention from his mother. I could not divert the woman from her interest in the book.
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I didn't have the time to test the Wilson Blast Diverter with different kinds of ammo to see if I could find any which didn't produce a terrific flash, but to be honest I experienced the same thing with the Ferfrans Concussion Reduction Device--less concussion, lots more flash.
Registered diverters still do not have to justify the reasons for their water consumption, face DEP renewal approval every five to ten years, or even consider alternatives to their appropriation, as permitted diverters do.
They set these snares under the same conditions explained for the diverter snares.
The Three-Way Seal Tite diverter is made of durable carbon or stainless steel and is available in 4" to 24" (100 mm to 600 mm) sizes.
To find and replace these, turn off the taps and remove the diverter handle with an adjustable spanner.
New Pig Corporation has introduced the PIG Above-the-Ceiling Leak Diverter to protect ceilings from water damage.
B compact wheel loader's fully redesigned cab features increased visibility and functionality; improved suspension seating; diverter pedal allows the operator to "inch" machine and divert power to the hydraulics; improved suspension seating; and a hydrostatically driven transmission allows control integrated with implement controllers for infinite speed variation between zero and 12.
With the purchase, TLT-Babcock complements its existing diverter, louver, and guillotine damper product lines offered over the years to the utility and industrial market.
They can be oriented for normally-open, normally-closed, as a diverter or as a selector.
The Diverter allows blood to flow through it, but clots or any other debris measuring more than 300 micrometres across is blocked from the branch leading to the brain.
The company's 4-inch diverter valves are an easy-to-use, strong, and economical product for septic tank leach fields.
The new three-way model of the Seal Tite Gravity Diverter utilizes the same features as the two-way Seal Tite, according to Salina Vortex Corp.
High-speed components and a "split-bank" diverter control allow the sorter to be operated at higher speeds and with less gap between cartons, giving the ProSort SC the ability to operate at speeds up to 300 feet per minute and at rates up to 100 cartons per minute and higher.
5 also features a frequency diverter motor and drive for effective speed control and facilitates easy cleaning and quick material transfer, according to the company.
A device called a call diverter represents one of the more effective countermeasures to caller ID.