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divert (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To induce someone or something to change course or direct their attention to something else. Try to divert the cars from the main road onto the side street if you can. Good luck diverting the kids away from cartoons so that they'll do their homework.
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divert someone or something from someone or something

to turn someone or something aside or away from someone or something. We could not divert his attention from his mother. I could not divert the woman from her interest in the book.
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All vehicles coming from Liaquatabd, Gharibabad to proceed towards Shara-e-Faisal or Karsaz will be diverted before Hassan Square Flyover (left) towards Sahba Akhtar Road, Machli Cut, University Road "U" Turn, Jafferi Optics, KDA Society, National Stadium Backside, Steel Yar Cut Stadium Road LDA Office U Turn to Karsaz and onwards.
At the junction the diverted traffic travels southbound along the A446 and joins the M6 southbound carriageway at M6 junction 4.
The spokeswoman added: "These arrangements follow an agreed protocol and whilst diverts to other hospitals are not a common occurrence, there are occasions when our A&E departments become overstretched and patients need to be diverted to other hospitals in order for them to receive timely treatment.
The post Flights diverted due to dust appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
By mid-afternoon, 27 of the diverted flights had landed in Abu Dhabi, however, some after lengthy delays.
l Traffic will be banned in Monnot Street and the surrounding roads toward the Fouad Chehab and Charles Malek highways and will be diverted to nearby streets toward Achrafieh.
According to Reuters, Ryanair officials have said that the aircraft was diverted after a bomb alert in the form of a note to the cabin crew claiming that there was a bomb on board the aircraft.
More than 900 passengers were diverted to Cardiff airport yesterday after flights were grounded at Heathrow following a staff walkout.
A HOLIDAY jet bound for Coventry was diverted under escort from RAF fighter jets after a mid-air security alert.
Funds may be used for various programs, including education, waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, collection and processing, research and development and market development for products made with diverted materials.
A bomb-threatened Olympic Airways plane landed safely at Shannon airport yesterday after being diverted to Ireland following a warning telephoned to an Athens newspaper.
The EPA has diverted 40% of its criminal investigators from the environmental investigations they usually conduct to focus on terrorist activities,
In addition, to the extent amounts spent are not for an exempt function, under some circumstances (generally, when they are diverted for the candidate's personal use), they may be included in the candidate's income under Regs.
In the rich fruit-and-vegetable basket of Soviet Central Asia, farmers have diverted so much water that the surface area of the Aral Sea -- the world's fourth-largest lake -- has shrunked by 40 percent since 1960.
A "divert" allows cases whose tags cannot be verified to be diverted off to a side station for reapplication of the tag.