diverge from

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diverge from (something)

To separate from something and travel in a different direction. Be careful to stay on the highway and not get onto one of the roads that diverge from it.
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diverge from something

to move in a different direction from something. Her line of thinking diverged from generally accepted thought on this point. The driveway diverges from the main road beyond the fence, straight ahead.
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The assumption had long been that state courts are free to interpret their constitutions differently from the federal provisions, even if those interpretations diverge from federal holdings.
Such long shadowing times are striking when compared to the great rate at which orbits diverge from each other, Yorke says.
Current treatment practice will continue to diverge from international guidelines, with the most important change being the increased use of long-acting bronchodilators in mild COPD.
Bartolini's characteristic delicacy applies not only to the physical character of the material, but also to the suppleness of the action, deliberately nonideological and nonpolitical yet always tending to diverge from its own norm or violate its internal logic.
Fitch also notes the potential for high yield CDS pricing to diverge from the cash markets during periods of stress, given the absence of restructuring language.
The ways in which they diverge from replicating Goya, if not the point of the work, is certainly of interest.
However, assuming underlying demand starts declining in Q3 2004, as it did in 2001, and if actuals diverge from the forecasted underlying demand in an upward fashion, a potentially painful downward correction will occur.
Credit Spreads and Volatility Decline, Diverge from Stocks," members of the media can contact Christopher Mortell at 212-438-2756 or alternatively at Christopher_mortell@sandp.
According to the new research, Chinese developers diverge from their Western counterparts in types of tools being used, security mechanisms and other significant areas.
Bloomberg users now receive up-to-date StarMine news feeds highlighting recent earnings revisions by top-rated analysts that strongly diverge from the consensus and that may foretell future revisions.
The main theme of the event is Asia's rising centers of technology entrepreneurship, how they are evolving, and how they conform to or diverge from the Silicon Valley model.
The nature of the eGovernment and eBusiness markets demands business models that diverge from those associated with the demands of the more stable, rigorous, multidisciplinary needs of agencies such as the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration.
Many of the pathways associated with angiogenesis and metastasis converge on and diverge from the uPA-uPAR axis,&uot; said Terence R.