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diverge from (something)

To separate from something and travel in a different direction. Be careful to stay on the highway and not get onto one of the roads that diverge from it.
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diverge from something

to move in a different direction from something. Her line of thinking diverged from generally accepted thought on this point. The driveway diverges from the main road beyond the fence, straight ahead.
See also: diverge
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CONTACT: Thomas Terry of Diverge, +1-512-532-2869, tterry@divergedigital.
The second of these studies, DIVERGE I, enrolled 302 patients at 16 clinical centers in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
The G20 said that volatility risks could increase as the monetary policies of major central banks diverge.
a medical device company focused on developing next generation products for interventional cardiology, today announced that the Company has completed patient enrollment in the DIVERGE clinical trial evaluating its novel AXXESS(TM) Bifurcation Stent System.
These alternating, converging inlet channels, then diverge as they reach the outlet channels.
A parabola's legs, after all, diverge forever, never forming a closed orbit around, say, the sun.
Egypt: Child Of Atlantis, A Radical Interpretation Of The Origins Of Civilization is a metaphysical look at the history of Egyptian civilization, that dares to diverge from the common scientific community's theories.
A similar genre also had a smaller rise and fall during that time: the idea that our universe is but one of many in a multiverse, in which alternate universes are identical to ours up to a certain point but then diverge.
The current moves quickly, appearing at the juncture of wires and dissipating without a trace as the wires diverge further up the wall, only to be replaced by another current generated in the transformer.
Up Up Up Up Up Up doesn't diverge drastically from the rest of her rapidly growing catalog.