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As part of their effort to stem the tide of the Ditz Lit phenomenon, the group recently started a "Ditz Lit Backlash" Facebook page.
Davis and Spencer lead the cast magnificently, the unerring friendship between their characters providing a hook for every other performance, including Chastain as a lovable ditz and Howard as the society queen bee.
While Alfie has a mid-life crisis and abandons Helena for gold-digging ditz Charmaine (Lucy Punch), his wife seeks guidance from a bogus clairvoyant (Pauline Collins).
For example, in "Finding Nemo" (2003) the mother is killed, Dory (voice of Ellen DeGeneres) is a ditz, and the dentist's niece tortures animals.
Anthony Hopkins) has a mid-life crisis and abandons wife Helena (Gemma Jones) for gold-digging ditz Charmaine (Lucy Punch).
Star rating: YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER (12A) Unhappily married Alfie (Anthony Hopkins) has a mid-life crisis and abandons wife Helena (Gemma Jones) for gold-digging ditz Charmaine (Lucy Punch).
YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER (12A) ANTHONY HOPKINS plays an unhappily married man who has a mid-life crisis and abandons his wife for a golddigging ditz.
Johannes Ditz, head of the supervisory board, commented that the selection of a new management team was an important step in preparing the bank for the future.
Many thanks to Toby Ditz, Judith Walkowitz, and the members of Johns Hopkins University's Gender History Workshop, for their excellent advice and for their close reading of an early draft of this article.
Already, a handful of states, from Maine to Minnesota to California, have passed significant chemical reform measures, resulting in a growing patchwork of state and local rules that Ditz noted might be a driver behind the chemical industry's new willingness to join the reform discussion.
They also carry collectibles like Possible Dreams Santas, Mark Roberts Fairies, Ditz Santas, Roman nativity scenes, Elvis ornaments, and many Mississippi-made items.
They look as if Ditz were "covering" various positions within the canon of modernist abstraction while simultaneously transforming them.
amp;quot; Nobody wants to appear to be copying someone else's law and my guess is there won't be too many words (in the US act) that are identical to REACH, but we'll find principles and ideas that are very similar, " said Mr Daryl Ditz, senior policy advisor of the chemicals program at the Center for International Environmental Law.
Of more immediate consequence is the information included in the writ, to the effect that particulars of the crime had been confessed, "pleinement," "par bouche dun des ditz larons [sc.
Debuting on DVD and deservedly so, Mad Money is a generic crime caper which squanders the potentially winning chemistry between the leads, albeit with Holmes woefully miscast as the ditz in the mix opposite an ever-solid Keaton and Latifah, who both possess the acting chops and comic timing to make something out of their two-dimensional heroines.