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Positive contribution of dither is lower peak-to-peak value of conditional mean E[[epsilon]|s] compared to error e without dithering.
in (Mariano & Ramos, 2006) the first and the second moment of quatization error were analyzed for sinusoidal input signal without dither.
Assuming symmetrical dither with zero mean the CF [[PHI].
d] is standard deviation (STD) of dither, which could be proved by deduction from second derivative of (3).
Finally RMSE has been expressed for mostly used dither distributions.
They show Major as Mr Panic, Mr Weak, Mr Spineless and Mr Dither.
Jack Lemmon - whose ``Grumpy Old Men'' franchise has a tad more dignity than this outing - dithers his way through ``My Fellow Americans,'' relying on familiar mannerisms, while Garner gamely gives us a performance with a bit more snap to it.