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silk-stocking district

A section of a city that is dominated by the upper-class. Even if you had the money, you wouldn't want to live in a silk-stocking district—you'd be totally subject to the whims of your wealthy neighbors.
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red-light district

An area in a city containing brothels and other businesses related to activities that are typically illegal elsewhere. If you patronize the red-light district, you're essentially subsidizing the sex trade.
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red-light district

an area of a city or town containing many brothels, strip clubs, and other sex businesses.
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the red-ˈlight district

the part of a city where prostitutes work and sex shops are found: I got lost and found myself in the red-light district all alone!
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In Birmingham--an urban district with about 29,000 students in 66 schools and an 85 percent poverty rate--one server was in every school, and each worked independently of the others.
Until it installed SehoolMAX, the district had no centralized way to keep up with enrollment changes in its schools and often found that the same children were listed in different schools.
Such is the case in the Piedmont Public School District (The names of the district and the superintendent used in this paper are pseudonyms.
In 2003, Phoenix residents earned another victory by overwhelmingly supporting a referendum to increase property taxes to provide more money for schools in South Holland School District 151, which includes all of Phoenix, portions of South Holland, Harvey and Dolton.
Essentially, the district is challenging aspects of NCLB that are within the purview of the Department's expertise and discretion," concluded Judge James Gardner Collins, "and this court will not disturb the exercise of such discretion unless it has been abused.
Bland is both a Certified Dental Assistant and an Expanded Function Dental Assistant and has served as ADAA's Fifth District Trustee and as Chairman of the Council on Governance.
Republican aspirants to the 12th District spot popped up almost immediately.
A majority-black seat now held by a black freshman Democrat, the district toddles and twists 141 miles across the state, connecting clusters of racial minorities in four major cities.
The money allows the district to reclaim and rebuild its flagship middle school after the previous school was not large enough to handle all the seventh- and eighth-graders of the Round Lake schools community, which encompasses four towns.
Today the school district has four competitively bid contracts, a consolidation that has resulted in substantial direct and indirect cost savings.
By any measure, the District ranks as a major economic force, and, therefore, conditions in the District directly influence my views regarding monetary policy.
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