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distribute (something) over (something)

To apply something to something else. You need to distribute stain remover over the entire discolored area to have any hope of cleaning it up.
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distribute (something) to (someone)

To pass something out, usually to each person in a group. I'll have the volunteers distribute pamphlets to the audience before I begin my lecture.
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distribute something over something

to spread something over something or over an area. Distribute the icing over the entire cake. Walter distributed the sand over the icy spots.
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distribute something to someone

to give out something to someone. Can you distribute this clothing to the needy people who live around here? I will distribute the ice cream to the party guests.
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References in classic literature ?
The person so employed marks the lapse of time by the number of nuts consumed, which is easily learned by counting the bits of tappa distributed at regular intervals along the string.
Again, Euphorbia, a mundane or widely distributed genus, has here eight species, of which seven are confined to the archipelago, and not one found on any two islands: Acalypha and Borreria, both mundane genera, have respectively six and seven species, none of which have the same species on two islands, with the exception of one Borreria, which does occur on two islands.
In other words, the books themselves having been sent back, select extracts from the books, copied by different hands, and all addressed as letters to my aunt, were, some to be sent by post, and some to be distributed about the house on the plan I had adopted on the previous day.
For example, if Controlled is indebted to Distributing, the indebtedness must be true debt and not stock; otherwise, the requirement that "control" be distributed will be violated.
If both the distributed and distributing corporation are U.
New Version of Distributed Computing Tools Offers Distributed Arrays And Parallel Math for Large-Scale Computing
Although most of an S corporation's current E&P were usually distributed as actual or deemed dividends, some items might not have been (e.
BOSTON -- PrismTech[TM], a leading provider of productivity tools and middleware, today announced the appointment of distributed computing expert Dr.
Jacorp can avoid gain recognition on the redemption by carefully selecting the property to be distributed.
FRISCO, Texas -- As enterprise technology evolves towards intelligent, fully distributed computing environments, Recursion Software, Inc.
In this case, if the equipment is distributed to Bob, the gain will be $20,000, and all of it will be subject to tax as ordinary income (due to depreciation recapture).
The MathWorks today announced that its Distributed Computing Toolbox, which extends MATLAB by enabling the development of distributed and parallel applications, now supports Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003.
93-31, the Service recently ruled that a separate and independent share of a trust could not qualify as a qualified subchapter S trust (QSST) if there was a remote chance that the corpus of the trust share would be distributed during the current income beneficiary's lifetime to someone else.
SAN DIEGO -- Stratacache, the leader in scalable content delivery solutions for globally distributed organizations, today announced OmniCast for SMS2003, a new version of its content distribution software that offers fast, bandwidth-efficient, and simultaneous delivery of files and software to Microsoft(R) Systems Management Server 2003 distributed servers.
Generally, AE&P is distributed after all of the AAA has been distributed, but an S corporation can elect to treat all or part of a distribution as if it were from AE&P.
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