dissolve into

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dissolve into something

1. . Lit. [for a substance to change from a solid state into another state; [for a substance] to melt or liquefy something. (Compare this with dissolve in something.) In a hot pan, the sugar dissolved into syrup.
2. Fig. [for someone] to begin suddenly to display laughter, tears, giggles, gales of laughter, etc. (See also dissolve in something.) The children dissolved into tears. The clown's appearance made the audience dissolve into laughter.
3. Fig. [for a film or television picture] to fade away into some other picture. The scene dissolved into a shot of the interior of the castle. At this point in thescript, dissolve to a face shot of Walter.

dissolve something into something

to cause a film or television picture to fade away into some other picture. (See also dissolve into something {3}.) The director dissolved the picture into the next scene. At this point, the opening scene should be dissolved into a side shot of the exterior.

dissolve into something

1. to end in an unpleasant or disorderly way The discussion quickly dissolved into nasty accusations about her business dealings.
Usage notes: often said about something that has begun pleasantly or without disagreement
2. to lose control and express strong emotions She dissolved into tears when she saw the damage to her home. Everyone dissolved into gales of laughter at my sister's remark.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of dissolve (to be absorbed by a liquid)