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dissolve into (something)

1. To physically break down into a different state. Soon enough, the snowball in my hand dissolved into water.
2. To express one's emotions in a sudden outburst. The kids dissolved into laughter as soon as the clown started dancing.
3. To decline into tumult. Every family dinner seems to dissolve into an argument about politics.
4. To fade into another picture, as in film and TV. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dissolve" and "into." And then that shot will dissolve into a shot of the beach outside the house.
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dissolve into

1. Of a solid substance, to change into or become integrated with a liquid. This medicine dissolves into milk so it's easy to give to children.
2. To transition or devolve into a more disorderly state. After only a few minutes, the meeting dissolved into chaos, with both sides shouting at each other.
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dissolve into something

1. . Lit. [for a substance to change from a solid state into another state; [for a substance] to melt or liquefy something. (Compare this with dissolve in something.) In a hot pan, the sugar dissolved into syrup.
2. Fig. [for someone] to begin suddenly to display laughter, tears, giggles, gales of laughter, etc. (See also dissolve in something.) The children dissolved into tears. The clown's appearance made the audience dissolve into laughter.
3. Fig. [for a film or television picture] to fade away into some other picture. The scene dissolved into a shot of the interior of the castle. At this point in thescript, dissolve to a face shot of Walter.
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dissolve something into something

to cause a film or television picture to fade away into some other picture. (See also dissolve into something {3}.) The director dissolved the picture into the next scene. At this point, the opening scene should be dissolved into a side shot of the exterior.
See also: dissolve
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By resolutions adopted respectively on September 25 and October 11, 2006, the Boards of Directors of Mittal Steel and Arcelor had formally requested that the Stichting dissolve and return the Dofasco shares to Arcelor.
3]) that forms when carbon dioxide dissolves in water.
Here, MgS is oxidized to MgO by releasing the S, which dissolves in and resulfurizes the iron.
This agreement brings the total number of royalty-free and rights-managed clips available for licensing at Dissolve to over half a million.
For Step 10: Shaking cool water will help dissolve gases back into water.
To prove how its video clips can help advertisers create engaging content, stock footage company Dissolve creates self-promotional videos made entirely from its own footage library.
But just how fast does saliva work to dissolve starchy foods, like bread and bananas?
The Moorpark Mosquito Abatement District will have a second opportunity to quietly vote itself out of existence tonight when the first formal resolution to dissolve comes before the five trustees.
OTCBB:ARGA), a specialty pharmaceutical company and marketer of the Extendryl(R) family of products, announces the execution of a development agreement with Balchem Corporation (AMEX:BCP) to develop a set of novel combination medicines in the rapid dissolve format.
In water, calcium carbonate can dissolve into calcium and carbonate (C[O.
To grow crystals out of homemade materials, you start with a simple solution--a uniform mixture composed of a solute (or a substance that can be dissolved) and a solvent (a substance that can dissolve other substances).
A solvent is a substance, usually liquid, that will dissolve another substance.
An innovative body contouring procedure called lipo dissolve is now available, promising to take care of so- called "love handles and saddlebags," that seem to be diet and exercise resistant.
Keep adding salt until no more will dissolve in the water.
Occasionally wash down the sides of the pan with a pastry brush dipped in warm water, to dissolve any sugar crystals that may be clinging there.