dissatisfied with

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*dissatisfied with

(someone or something) unhappy with someone or something. (*Typically:be ~; grow ~.) We are quite dissatisfied with the service provided by the dealer. I am not dissatisfied with you.
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Nearly 59 percent of retail workers indicated that they were dissatisfied with their pay and 51 percent of workers in all industries said they were dissatisfied with their pay.
Half (50%) of respondents reported being most dissatisfied with call center agents/service in general when the agent was not well-informed on the product/service or could not quickly resolve the issue; 35% reported being most dissatisfied when the hold time was too long; and, one-quarter (25%) found it most dissatisfying when they were required to provide a large amount of personal information prior to being helped.
The percentage very dissatisfied is now roughly the same as it was in January 2008, 43%, in the earlier stages of the presidential campaign to find a successor for President George W.
elect Richard Alarcon said Friday that he is dissatisfied with Norlund's performance.
Republicans in particular are displeased with the size and power of the federal government, with 16% satisfied and 84% dissatisfied.
Islamabad -- According to a Gilani Research Foundation (GRF) Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, a large majority of 78% employed Pakistanis claim to be satisfied (41% claimed to be very satisfied and 37% claimed to be somewhat satisfied and 20% claimed to be dissatisfied or very dissatisfied) with their current job, says a press release issued here on Monday.
High suicidal risk has been reported in the group of veterans dissatisfied with life achievements (25%), dissatisfied with social/financial situation (31.
Asked how they feel about the amount of various state and local taxes in Texas, 54 percent said they are dissatisfied with property taxes - and only 33 percent said they were satisfied about those bills.
Most of Those Dissatisfied Want Less Influence of Organized Religion
Americans who say they are dissatisfied with current abortion policies were asked a followup question to learn if they are dissatisfied because they want current abortion laws to be stricter or less strict.
I agree that Macedonia has the right to be dissatisfied for not being a member of NATO.
According to a study by Monash University in Melbourne, New Zealanders were the most likely to be discriminated against and dissatisfied with their financial status.
In terms of punctuality and reliability, nearly two thirds were satisfied and only 14 per cent dissatisfied.
The survey also found that 48% of Cypriots (38% of Greeks) are `very or fairly satisfied "with the ticket price for public transport, while 16% (54% in Greece) are" fairly or very dissatisfied.