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dispute (something) with (someone)

To argue with someone about something. Don't dispute with your sister over such a trivial matter. The team's captain is now disputing with the referee over that penalty call.
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in dispute

Causing doubt, disagreement, or controversy. You're qualifications are not in dispute; it's your demeanor in the office that we have an issue with. The inheritance has been in dispute among the siblings for many years now.
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dispute something with someone

to argue with someone about something, such as an amount of money. The customer disputed the amount of the check with the waiter. Please don't feel like you have to dispute every bill with the supplier.
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in dispute

Disagreed about, in controversy. For example, This parcel of land is in dispute, claimed by several persons, or The origin of this phrase is in dispute. [Mid-1600s]
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Expedient dispute resolution also produces two other benefits: 1) it increases cash flow by releasing payments that have been delayed due to a pending dispute; and 2) it reduces disputed amounts often conceded to the customer for no reason other than extreme age.
Under existing accounting standards, the question of whether a company has to reserve for disputed tax issues is governed by the "loss contingency" principles of Financial Accounting Standard No.
The partnership had unrestricted use of the receipts--the partners only disputed the division of the money, If the partnership had placed the receipts in an escrow account as the result of a dispute with a third party, under the claim of right doctrine the receipts would not be included in its income until the matter was settled and the partners would need to report income only if the dispute was settled in its favor.
Disputed Mission gives a detailed account of that debate better known as the Indian or Malabar Rites controversy, which dominated the first half of the seventeenth century.
Supreme Court majority showed only nominal reluctance to make new law (by finding that the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection clause applies to vote-counting standards) and to assert control over the outcome of a disputed election.
Countries on three continents--Yugoslavia in Europe, Ivory Coast in Africa, and Haiti in North America--also had disputed elections last fall.
The Supreme Court in Otsego County ruled in favor of the Krols and held that all of the disputed property on the west side of the highway, which consisted of approximately 52 acres, belonged to the Krols by adverse possession, since they used it for more than 10 years in and open and exclusive manner.
the parties have a window of opportunity to identify common interests and points of agreement and to fashion mutually acceptable settlement options to disputed issues.
and is impacted by both the value received from the orderly sale or run-off of Comdisco Holding Company's assets and on the resolution of disputed claims still pending in the bankruptcy estate of Comdisco, Inc.
We have full confidence in the two outstanding teachers whose grades are being disputed,'' said a letter by the school site council, made up of parents, students, faculty and administrators.
In the pilot phase, the program is available to large and mid-sized businesses that currently have at least one open year under examination and at least one disputed issue.
Rather then waiting for a case to come to Appeals with disputed issues, this program brings dispute resolution services to unagreed issues while the case is still in Examination.
Therefore, it is possible that a false or incorrect report could be accepted by the Data Bank and never be disputed because the practitioner never received the verification.
An accountant who becomes aware of a potential disputed financial statement item can direct inquiry to and seek representations from both sides as a way of promoting resolution of the dispute before the report is issued.
This distribution relates to sharing amounts due contingent distribution rights holders in conjunction with recent settlements from the Disputed Claims Reserve of the Bankrupt estate of Comdisco, Inc.