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dispossess of (something)

To take one's possession. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dispossess" and "of." If you don't pay your mortgage, you'll be dispossessed of your house before long.
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dispossess someone of something

to separate someone from a possession. Do you intend to dispossess us of our home? They were dispossessed of the only possessions they had.
See also: dispossess, of
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More than a quarter of a century later and a decade after his death in 1587, Foxe remained the standard by which Protestant dispossessors of demons measured themselves.
The vast majority of Palestinians, says Said, "are now thoroughly sick of the misfortunes that have befallen us partly through our own fault, partly because of who our dispossessors are, and partly because our cause has a singular ineffectuality to it.
i) White Domination Without Frills and Trappings These "leaders" consider South Africa and its wealth to belong to all who live in it, the alien dispossessors and the indigenous dispossessed, the alien robbers and their indigenous victims.
They were the dispossessors of my people, of their land and dreaming.