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ill-disposed to doing something

not friendly; not favorable; opposed. I am ill-disposed to doing hard labor. The police chief was ill-disposed to discussing the details of the case to the news reporters.

*well disposed to(ward) someone or something

Fig. friendly with someone or something; having a positive or favorable attitude toward someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I am not well disposed toward Walter. We are quite well disposed to all of them.
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Such a science is classed as a disposition; it has a name, and is called 'boxing' or 'wrestling' as the case may be, and the name given to those disposed in this way is derived from that of the science.
They were mostly young men, in the heyday of life; and having got into fine latitudes, upon smooth seas, with a well-stored ship under them, and a fair wind in the shoulder of the sail, they seemed to have got into a holiday world, and were disposed to enjoy it.
The respectable old gentleman wrung his hand fervently, and seemed disposed to address some observation to his son; but on Mrs.
Wilson, who proposed to keep a Sabbath school for the instruction of such slaves as might be disposed to learn to read the New Testament.
He gave her away once to his sister; but, being a poor gift, she was not disposed to keep her.
not scolding, but in a sort of monotonous remonstrance--'in spirits, if I am ever cheerful, if I am ever more than usually disposed to be talkative and comfortable, this is the way I am treated.
I was really afraid you were not disposed to talk pleasantly; I'll tell you everything; I shall only be too glad, my dear.
Giving details of 506 reported cases from Punjab, an official of NCHR said that 195 cases reported from Punjab have been disposed off, while 232 are under investigation at initial stages and 78 in hearing, he told reporter.
Najam said that everyday 11,000kg wastage of public sector hospitals is disposed of in the provincial capital.
Earlier, hospital waste was being burnt and dumped manually, he said and added that after installation of new incinerator the hazardous waste could be disposed of according to scientific methods.
ISLAMABAD -- Although almost eight months of time have passed after the May 11, general elections, the Election Tribunals had disposed of only 167 out of total 405 election petitions.
According to the instructions I cannot put this in my domestic bin and it has to be disposed of correctly.
At least one reinforcing belt is disposed in the crown portion of the tire.
More than 265 bins were safely disposed of as part of the free Dispose of Unused Medicines Properly project which was organised by the HSE South and community pharmacists in Cork and Kerry.
Islamabad: Pakistani courts have disposed of a record 330,000 cases in the month of June after implementation of a new judicial policy.