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put someone or something at someone's disposal

to make someone or something available to someone; to offer someone or something to someone. I'd be glad to help you if you need me. I put myself at your disposal. I put my car at my neighbor's disposal.
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somebody is at your disposal

someone is available to help you I know there is plenty of work to do, so my daughter is at your disposal.
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something is at your disposal

something is available to be used by you The committee has limited resources at its disposal. We have $100,000 at our disposal to provide food for homeless people.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form at the disposal of someone: More powerful guns are at the disposal of criminals than ever before.
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put at someone's disposal

Allow one to use, as in They put their car at our disposal for our entire stay. This idiom employs disposal in the sense of "the liberty or power to use something," a usage dating from the early-1600s.
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The garbage disposal may not be the most glamorous or obvious appliance in a kitchen, but it is certainly a necessary one.
The common view on under-sink garbage disposals is that they are loud and smelly.
REMIS did not provide reliable information on the Corps' civil works land disposals from fiscal years 1996 through 2006, or on the land that the Corps owned as of September 30, 2006.
The Disposal Genie[TM] is a revolutionary new product for kitchen sinks designed to allow small particles of food and water to flow freely into the sink disposal while preventing silverware and other items from slipping into the disposal unit.
This very timely introduction as the System 2000 potentially represents an efficient, cost effective solution to a large portion of the disposal challenge facing hospitals and other healthcare institutions today.
Additionally, fair value issues, including fixed asset impairments relating to Hazlewood disposals, will increase goodwill arising on the acquisition of Hazlewood.
16, 2001 to enable the parties to document the terms of a new co-development agreement to bring the HydroMaid water-powered garbage disposal and other new and exciting products to market in North America.
Tomkins intends to return up to (pound)700 million of the proceeds of the disposal of RHM Europe to shareholders by means of a share buy back program, which may include convertible preference shares.
HydroMaid is also negotiating with a company in South Africa which has purchased and tested several HydroMaid disposals in an effort to determine marketability in their country.
With this latest development, we've overcome another hurdle in our plan to make the HydroMaid garbage disposal available nationwide and are better positioned to pursue international markets more aggressively.
This recycling program is intended to eliminate used HydroMaid disposals from going into the nation's landfills.
Patent Office for a new cutter apparatus used in its non-electric water-powered food waste disposal.
I think our stockholders will enjoy reading some additional facts about how our HydroMaid compares on energy issues with electric disposals," said Davis.
amp;uot;Second, it takes approximately 38 million gallons of crude oil or 400 thousand pounds of mined coal to generate the electricity to run the estimated 40 million electric disposals in America each year.
OTC BB: HYII), announced at its press conference with Steven Young at the International Builders Show (&uot;IBS&uot;), that it has finished developing a dual purpose atmospheric break, back-flow prevention and child-safety value handle for the HydroMaid disposal.