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public display of affection

A physical act of intimacy between a romantic couple done in the view of others. Often shortened to the abbreviation "PDA." I really wish you didn't have such a hang-up over public displays of affection—no one cares if we have a quick kiss out in the open! When we go out, my girlfriend is always trying to hold my hand or kiss me, even though she knows that any public display of affection makes me uncomfortable. I don't mind PDAs in general, but teenagers take it way too far.
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display (something) to (someone)

To show or present something to someone. I display my diplomas in my office so that my clients immediately see my credentials.
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display something to someone

to show something to someone. The peacock displayed his tail feathers to the other birds. Would you please display the artwork to the committee?
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on display

In public view; for all to see.
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Display features animated train, ice skaters, Santa and sleigh, Christmas music, lights, ``Snowland'' Christmas town.
Organic materials offer display engineers the ability to fine-tune a wide range of properties, including the conduction of electricity and the emission of light.
After integration, NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
They skipped Thanksgiving and spent 10 consecutive days setting up the display.
With the latest 26-inch and 24-inch widescreen offerings, NEC maintains its market leadership and innovation in high-end professional displays," said Todd Fender, Product Line Manager for NEC Display Solutions of America.
While these color and efficiency characteristics have previously been reported, obtaining this performance in conjunction with improved operational lifetime is an important milestone for Universal Display and NSCC.
Universal Display is a leading developer of OLED technologies and materials, and holds basic patents on phosphorescent OLEDs.
In addition Planar is also demonstrating a new display configuration that combines the innovative Dome E4c with high resolution grayscale displays in an ergonomic configuration that will help optimize reading efficiency.
The display has detachable speakers that can be mounted on the sides or bottom of the display, and the detachable base that allows for easy ceiling or wall mounting.
With a view to up-coming ubiquitous society, Konica Minolta is aggressively developing such display materials and components as for OLEDs.
Through our recent work with Princeton University, we have identified a new approach that may accelerate the development and demonstration of a low-cost, long-lived flexible OLED for display and lighting products in military and commercial applications.
After working together for less than two years, Universal Display is reporting key achievements in the development of a P(2)OLED system based on solution-processable, small-molecule PHOLED materials.
ATLANTA -- Video Display Corporation (NASDAQ-NMS:VIDE) announces that its Aydin Displays, Inc.