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dispense with (the) formalities

To not engage in the niceties or etiquette normally demanded by the social situation, such as formal introductions, because more important matters are at hand. You can dispense with the formalities, counselor—just give me an update on the situation and be on your way.
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you can dispense with (something)

You can stop doing or get rid of something. You're still not allowed to borrow my car Saturday night, and you can dispense with the attitude. The library dispenses with its normal operating hours during finals week and instead stays open 24 hours.
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dispense with someone or something

to get rid of someone or something; to brush someone or something aside. I think we will dispense with that subject for the rest of the day. We will have to dispense with the expensive gifts this year.
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dispense with something

1. to free of something unwanted People who believe we can dispense with government services don't realize how much they need them.
2. to not use something We dispensed with our second car and have saved a lot of money.
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dispense with

1. Manage without, forgo, as in We can dispense with the extra help. Shakespeare had this idiom in Timon of Athens (3:2): "Men must learn now with pity to dispense." [c. 1600]
2. Get rid of, do away with, as in The European Union is trying to dispense with tariff barriers. [Late 1500s]
3. Exempt one from a law, promise, or obligation, as in He asked the court to dispense with swearing on the Bible. This usage originally applied to religious obligations (to which the Pope granted dispensation). [Early 1500s]
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dispense with

To get rid or do away with something; forgo something: The restaurant dispensed with its dress code in order to appeal to a younger crowd.
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OccMeds is very pleased to partner with DSI to provide a complete turn-key package for physicians who dispense medications to their workers' compensation patients which will improve patient care and streamline the entire dispensing process," said Richard Orchard, president of OccMeds.
A frequency of 500Hz implies that the pump can dispense 500 shots per second on the substrate.
Mat impregnators include an economical model with a hand crank to dispense mat from a roll between two impregnating rollers and onto a take-up roll.
In the dispense test, the flow rate of the material through the dispense tip was observed.
Although these materials are typically applied in their solid sheet form, researchers can dispense the liquid form to create the specific design patterns needed and to improve fuel cell efficiency.
The EV Series includes a simple vision camera to support on-screen setup, while the E Series relies on a Teach Pendant for dispense programming.
As requirements for smaller dot sizes and higher throughputs increase, OEMs must work even harder to offer dispense systems with higher accuracy and higher speeds.
The manual Tip-Seal Kiss dispense valve is said to be ideal for dispensing low- and high-viscosity one-component adhesive and sealant materials such as silicone or polyurethane materials.
Units come complete with supply containers, controls, meters, dispense valve, housing and all interconnecting piping.
The EZ-mix VR Variable Ratio Meter-Mix Dispense System boasts a 28cm width by a 36cm depth footprint.
Underfill dispensing has now evolved so that dispense time represents a very small portion of the total process time.
Formerly, the only way a schedule II drug could be dispensed was on receipt of a written prescription, except in "emergency" cases where a pharmacy could dispense a 72-hour supply based on an oral prescription, provided the prescriber forwarded a written prescription (Rx) to the dispensing pharmacist within a three-day period.
It will also be used to dispense a new line of Cold Star ready-to-drink teas and juices targeting health-oriented consumers.
An ASA spokesman said: "The ASA understood from the GOC that it was not necessary to be a qualified DO to dispense glasses (except in exceptional cases such as for certain high-level prescriptions) and that a dispensing assistant without formal training would be able to do so.
A brochure titled, "Meter, mix, dispense systems for adhesives, sealants and lubricants," has been expanded to six product sections, including principles of meter design, two-part meter-mix dispensing systems, one-part dispensing systems, dispensing valves for one-and two-part materials, material supply pump and tank products, and system controls and accessories.