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dislodge (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To free someone or something that is stuck. Fortunately, the Heimlich maneuver dislodged the piece of food from Greta's throat.
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dislodge someone or something from someone or something

to loosen and remove someone or something from someone or something. We were unable to dislodge her from office. Gene was able to dislodge the bone from his throat.
See also: dislodge
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This new 3-in-1 vibrating UV-light attachment simply connects on to your existing vacuum hose (universal adaptor supplied) and firstly vibrates to dislodge dust, mites and germs, then using UV-light it sterilises mites and kills bacteria, and finally using the suction of your vacuum it sucks up the debris.
The air-pruning field transplanting system is an automatic transplanter that dislodges and transplants air-pruned plugs and seedlings pneumatically using an impulse vacuum system.
PHOTO Granada Hills' Bobby Baca dislodges first base getting back on a pickoff throw caught by Grant's Dennis Moran.
As the pile grows, however, its sides become steeper, and now there is the possibility of a small domino effect, where one grain's movement downhill dislodges others, which in turn dislodge still others.
Laser light dislodges charges, forcing them to drift and then become trapped again.
is a PetroChemical/Oil Services company that has developed a proprietary, environmentally friendly chemical that dislodges hydrocarbons in practically all natural and man-made environments.
Incorporating the most advanced technology available, the TrimVac tool contains a circular blade that cuts and dislodges the spinal cord, while powerful vacuum pressure is operating.