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disinclined to (do something)

Reluctant to do something. I'm disinclined to gossip as an adult after witnessing all the pain that rumors caused in high school.
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disinclined to

(do something); unwilling to do something. I am disinclined to allow you to leave class early. They were disinclined to allow us to enter the country.
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References in classic literature ?
I am strong, strongly, disinclined to avail myself of your generosity, though my helplessness yields.
I would be disinclined to work with him in the future.
initiative," thereby globalizing the policy--and setting the stage for future military confrontations with governments disinclined to obey the UN's disarmament edicts.
Furthermore, since the vast majority of their colleagues on the lower courts were also appointed by Republicans, the justices generally tend to agree with lower court opinions and are disinclined to revisit them.
But Mr Major said last night: "I have heard no such comment and I am disinclined to speak on domestic matters while so far away and having not heard the debate.
The Court is disinclined to hear Lexar's motion as presently filed and hereby removes this motion from the Court's hearing calendar, consistent with this Court's discussions with counsel.
04 per cent more than variable rate mortgages, but most home-buyers remained disinclined to pay even a small amount more to protect themselves against future interest rate increases.
Poynton was disinclined to rake up those old memories yesterday, saying: "I prefer to look forward rather than look backwards.
If your house is insect-free, you can purchase crickets for your CPs at a pet shop, which may also carry dried insects for those who are disinclined to feed their plants live prey.
The book is an intellectual autobiography (the author is disinclined toward any other kind), and Hart's mind draws from a deep well: John Wesley, Kirkegaard, Tolstoy, Gandhi, and, finally, the American reform tradition beginning with Jefferson and culminating in the idol of Hart's young adulthood, John Kennedy.
Unsurprisingly, Moseley are disinclined to change their starting line-up but Byron Vivian has a shoulder problem and if it persists Andy Gray will play in the centre.
GARRUTH, the 170,000gns buy out of Tim Easterby's yard, was disinclined to exert himself after being sent off 11-10 favourite for the staying novice chase, and trailed home third.
We fall in love with parts of books; we may deeply appreciate 20 pages of a work that we are disinclined to finish.
Scientists are mostly disinclined to go into business, while venture capitalists generally want to collect their winnings, not pour more capital into building up a production company.
Frank Finch, RMI motorcycle retailers director explains: 'In the summer, many riders may be disinclined to wear appropriate clothing, but by not doing so they risk serious injury or worse.